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    POE Injector Vs Switch (When you need each)

    Get yourself this guy and you'll be all set http://www.amazon.com/TP-LINK-TL-SF1008P-100Mbps-8-Port-802-3af/dp/B003CFATT2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1412037619&sr=8-1&keywords=4+port+poe+switch
  2. shockwave199

    Cameras on lamp posts, Los Angeles

    They have become popular at school corners here and when they were first installed over the summer they were fantastic. When no cars were waiting at the cross street, the light would stay green and only turn red when cars came. For that particular corner it was very needed because often times traffic would be held up for absolutely no cars coming from the cross street. Somewhere along the way it got switched back to timing control and now we're back to waiting for nothing. In the wee hours of the morning when I'm coming home from work I simply go through the red, slowly and cautiously of course. It's ridiculous to sit there for nothing. They work well...when the morons have them set right and leave them be.
  3. Remove the hik time stamps and show the dahua time stamps per channel. Recordings on the dahua hard drive will reflect the correct time.
  4. shockwave199

    help with nannycam type system

    I'm not saying to buy them from here, but this is an example of what you could further look into http://www.amazon.com/HD-SDI-Hidden-Security-Detector-1000TVL/dp/B00IXCELHK
  5. shockwave199

    HD CVI installations

    Why then does qsee package the same garbage pre-made cables with their sets? That's just wrong.
  6. shockwave199

    hello , cool story about 1st install and thank you !

    You're a good man Charlie Brown. I'll bet the man upstairs was watching...through one of your cameras. Z3xun-B-qCw
  7. shockwave199

    Dahua SD6C230S-HN Led light issues

    There is a problem with the camera if only those two led are on. Return for an exchange immediately.
  8. shockwave199

    NVR Dahua 3216 Problem

    " title="Applause" /> good to know.
  9. shockwave199

    NVR Dahua 3216 Problem

    That is very good to hear. So itune, are you a source for all dahua updates? Or was this one available online for anyone?
  10. shockwave199

    Dissapointed with AvertX

    The fps would not be a deal breaking limitation for me. 30fps is nice in analog, but absolute overkill with megapixel. Even 15fps is really too much, but 15fps for most people satisfies the sense of real time movement if they must have it. If you had gone further, the next biggest kick in the corn flakes would have been realizing that your 3tb hard drive was getting you nowhere with four cameras doing 15fps at highest settings. Which reminds me, what were the camera max resolution, 2mp? Do you know? What would be a deal breaker for me would be the cameras and what their max resolution is, as well as a mere 3tb hard drive. Plus the fact that for whatever reason, the cameras don't seem to be very good at night. But who's to say you didn't adjust some settings to help that, or they just plain suck. With HD systems, it only gets more expensive to learn that just buying a package deal really isn't the way to go if you have certain needs and expectations. You are better off fully understanding what you need, which specific gear delivers on those needs, and piecing a system together. If you pick dahua for example, you can pick from a number of nvr's and different dahua cameras to suit your needs AND, usually save money too...coming out with higher resolutions to boot. The only reason not to have a full 3mp system at this time is because you're stuck on frames per second. You should should seriously consider lowering your expectations there.
  11. shockwave199

    Beware gDMSS release September 14,

    I have to take a look at the app in my tablet. Ideally I'd like to set it to not auto update, which I'm not sure I can set it to. The weird thing is that I'm having a little issue in PSS that is either coincidence or related somehow to the update. I have PSS set to auto login my devices but I have to manually login now for some reason and it takes just long enough for me to get that 'uo-oh, login is gonna fail feeling', but it logs in. All has been perfectly fine until the gdmss update, and I do check my cameras with gdmss on a daily basis until the overnight, when I switch to PSS. Not sure if it's related or not.
  12. shockwave199

    Beware gDMSS release September 14,

    Actually the guy changed the router out for a new one. Not a gdmss problem.
  13. shockwave199

    Beware gDMSS release September 14,

    Huh. Interesting. My Dvr is fine but an nvr I check on may be affected. It may not be related though because I noticed it was off line in pss, not gdmss.
  14. Buy a 4208-8p from Amazon. Buy two WD 3tb purple hard drives from Amazon. Buy your cat5e from Amazon. Buy seven hdw4300s cameras from Amazon. You should be right around or under budget. No need to buy from China really. It's all available in the states and there are fine sellers on Amazon to buy from.
  15. shockwave199

    HD CVI installations

    Short or long runs, I think quality rg59 is the best way to go. I think 12v power supplies would be fine.
  16. shockwave199

    HD CVI installations

    Nice video on cable comparison itRJPNw93CA
  17. shockwave199

    dvr h264 and dyn dns

    Have you tried putting in the Web port 88 in your login screen? From what you're asking, I gather it's not a problem of hitting the login, it's a problem of actually logging in.
  18. shockwave199

    Swann HD Camera very blocky

    You should try and aim it so the stuff at the bottom of the picture is out of frame. Turn it more towards the car in the driveway and get the roof out of frame. That might not clean up the picture entirely, but it should help.
  19. I seem to remember a while back that after all was said and done with no results, it was the older version holding things up. Make sure you're using the very latest version.
  20. shockwave199

    NVR Dahua 3216 Problem

    How did you give the nvr a static address? You might try to put it back into DHCP, let your router assign it a new address. Then after you see that is done, put the nvr back into static mode. Then the nvr should also be in the same subnet as your primary router and cameras. DO NOT update the nvr unless you are very certain it's the absolute right firmware. Since that can be very hard to know unless your seller really knows, do not update it. It's probably not that anyway.
  21. shockwave199

    NVR7208-8P and 2 monitors

    You're looking for what I think is a spot out setup, where you can designate different channels on each monitor. You may not get that behavior just by using vga and hdmi, as that may mirror the same actions per monitor. You'll have to check in your nvr menus to see if you can set up a true isolated split between the two monitors.
  22. shockwave199

    Can't connect camera to poe port on nvr. Help!

    Cool! After you're done, just make sure you go back into the Lan connection settings of your laptop and change it back to 'obtain an ip address automatically'. That way your laptop will behave normally for Lan connection again.
  23. shockwave199

    Can't connect camera to poe port on nvr. Help!

    Right, virtual host. Very cool. To the OP, there ya go.
  24. shockwave199

    Can't connect camera to poe port on nvr. Help!

    Can't read that forum but I do remember hearing something about hik nvr's adding the feature to do what I demo'd in a dahua nvr. I haven't seen an example of it in action, but that's very slick indeed.
  25. shockwave199

    Can't connect camera to poe port on nvr. Help!

    Well, you just ran into the reason why a lot of people prefer to keep cameras on a separate switch. Putting them on an nvr with poe makes them inaccessible in the way you can do it through your separate poe switch. So, you either take the camera off of the nvr poe and temporarily connect it to your LAN for adjustments, or you can try this way, which I demonstrate in the following video. But in order to use the camera like your other ones, you'll have to put it on a separate switch. Could be time to buy another switch to accommodate more cameras. qMP09EeA3r4