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  1. Thanks everybody for the feedback. I will definitely consider Milestone. WirelessEye - how long ago did you guys experience these problems w/ D3?
  2. sretooh

    Fish-Eye effect

    Thanks everyone for the responses. Yeah I have a specific field of view, which requires the 2.8mm lens, but the customer doesn't like the curvature that it puts on the picture. I can't go to a different size lens because then my fov would be smaller and that would require me to add more cameras to cover the area. I may end up having to do this anyway. thanks again.
  3. sretooh

    Casino project

    robzee - another thing to consider when doing a casino job is your video retention in days. the casinos we have bid on all required around 3 months at 30fps per channel it doesn't take very long to eat that hard drive space up. if you use Endura dedicate a private network with a Gigabit backbone for the install - each camera at 4cif/30ips is streaming 2Mbps and you need dedicated WorkStations (WS050 from Pelco) to view video. NO VIEWING VIA A STANDARD WEB BROWSER. The WS5050 along with the Storage Expansion Bays and NVRs all require Gigabit switches to communicate. Expensive but nice system. I'd go with Pelco - CM6800 (if you have less than 96 cameras & no training required) and DX8000s for recording. (however it can only do 30ips/per channel at CIF res)
  4. We are thinking about OEMing D3Data, does anyone have any experiences good or bad that they would be willing to share? Does anyone have any other products they would recommend over D3 such as Milestone or the Axis Camera Station, etc. and what are the reasons? All feedback would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. I have a wide angle lens, 2.8mm, on a 1/3CCD chip camera and the picture looks great, but I am getting the good ol' fish eye effect. Is it possible that by switching to a larger chipset camera (1/2", 3/4" etc) or better lens that I could possibly eliminate this "fish-eye" effect? Thanks - sorry if not posted in correct location. New user.