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  1. I have an 8 channel DVR and 8 cameras. I'm going to purchase a 9th camera. I still only want to record and watch 8 channels at any given time but on one channel I would like to be able to manually select from 2 available cameras. For instance, on channel 5, during the day I would like to record from a camera at my dog kennel, and on channel 5 during the night I would like to record from a camera looking at my gate. Does anybody know a source for some type of manual switch for BNC video? I can imagine it would look similar to a splitter with an A/B switch only it would work in reverse having 2 inputs and 1 output. If such a thing exists then I would just hook it to the DVR patch cable input on channel 5 then flip the switch as needed each day. Please chime in if you know where I might find one. Thanks, Paul
  2. I'm finally getting around to installing camera #7 of 8 this weekend. This will be the best camera I will have. Samsung SCV-3080 Dome no IR TDN WDR heater fan etc.. Camera has typical BNC Video out and power wires. Also has a 4 pin connector. The 4 wires on the connector are labeled (1) Ext DN, (2) N.C., (3) MD Out, (4) Ground Nothing is labeled RS485. Should I assume RS485 + is terminal #1 and RS485 - is terminal #4. User manual does not mention RS485. Samsung spec sheet says supports both Coaxial and RS485 communication. Spec sheet also states "Design and specifications are subject to change without notice". Now I'm wondering if OSD control is now Coaxial only. What do you guys think? I've been using the Cat5e brown pair for data Thanks Paul
  3. Thumpin455

    help with power supply box

    KEEP IT! I also noted that on my Altronix HubSat 8D UTP Transceiver Hub with Integral Power, instead of 24/28 VAC, am getting 27.5/31.5 VAC output Tested with 2 cheap multimeters, a Craftsman and a Greenlee, and both measured the exact same. Also noted about a 0.2 voltage drop at the camera end over about 100ft Cat5e using 2 pairs for power. Bought it new and thought about sending it back but was anxious to start my install. Have been using since March no problems with 4 Pelco IS151 w/htr's and 1 Samsung SCO-2080. I think you will be good with the higher than stated voltage with decent cameras that should have decent auto sensing input circuits. The transformers do have a slight low freq hum but inaudible when the box is mounted in a closet with foam isolators. Paul
  4. Thumpin455

    Running RG59/U and 120v Linecord

    I'm in Mississippi. You might be a redneck if ........... No seriously, I'll run another conduit. I just hated to drill another big ... hole in the wall and have to borrow my friend's slugbuster for the third time in a week.
  5. Thumpin455

    Running RG59/U and 120v Linecord

    Thanks guys, I'll drill a hole right thru the sheet metal back of the HubSat and thru the wall into the bedroom. Then will fish the 120v line cord from the bedroom back into the HubSat and secure with wire nuts. It is a heavy duty 3-prong line cord. I will use a rubber grommet in the sheet metal hole. Walls are plaster with no metal lath so I feel this will be a safe way to get power without video interference. I'm just not in a position to run another conduit so I hope it is not against another code to run a line cord thru a wall this way. Thanks again, Paul
  6. Thumpin455

    Running RG59/U and 120v Linecord

    I've been lurking on these forums forever and am just now installing my 8 CH residential system. I've been doing a little bit at a time so I can cash flow this thing. So far I have 4 Pelco IS Series UTP TDN domes and 1 Samsung SCO-2080 TDN Bullet, an Altonix HubSat8 UTP Tranceiver Hub with integral 24vac. Am looking at getting the Samsung SRD870DC DVR with 1TB for the final purchase. Anyways, today I finished up in the attic and dropped 10 cat5 cables from the attic down into my HubSat in a closet. Coming out of the HubSat will be the 8 jumper RG59 cables that go thru the wall inside a 1-1/4" conduit to the DVR located inside my bedroom. Inside the same 1-1/4" conduit is the 120v power cord for the HubSat which plugs into an outlet in the bedroom. Is it OK to run that power cord inside the same conduit as the 8 - RG59 cables? Thanks, Paul
  7. Thumpin455

    CNB VCM-24VF vs. EverFocus ED610/MVB

    Thanks for all the feedback. I'm going to shy away from what I thought was a good deal on those 8 Everfocus cameras and DVR for now. It's way too hot here in Mississippi to be crawlin around in my attic anyway. I'll keep researching and reading on this forum and will be ready to buy something this winter. Thanks again, Paul
  8. Hello, First time post here. I haven't bought anything yet but have been looking at 8 camera DVR systems for my home. My maximum budget is $2000 and originally I was going to build my own system with a $715 8-channel EverFocus DVR with 5 of the VCM-24VF cameras for $215 each plus cables and power supply. I just found a site selling that same EverFocus DVR (ECOR264-8D2) with 8 EverFocus ED610/MVB cameras, 8 100ft cables and power supply all for $1599. The spec's for the EverFocus cameras look really close to the CNB. Anybody familiar with these care to chime in? What is the difference between CNB "DC iris varifocal lens" and EverFocus "varifocal auto iris"? I see the CNB has 600TVL and the Everfocus has 560TVL. The EverFocus has WDR. Basically if I go with the package deal that includes the everfocus cams, I can save about $400 and have 8 cameras instead of 5. I could use the extra cams inside if the quality is similar between the 2 brands. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance, Paul