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  1. Maybe you could all just buy from a Distributor and have them in English from the start.
  2. Look at the GANZ Cameras as they work with Gentrec on ONVIF and are a great camera. Should be well priced as well... The ones with the TI chipset are the ones you want. Thanks MM
  3. Megapixelman

    Remember When?

    I remember Black and White cameras and only came in Full Bodies.. Also when as a wholesaler you could make money and from a sale... I remember techs that came for advise instead of now trying to tell you how the world works whatyou need to be doing to continue selling to them... Yes the good old days... Now with the Internet everyones a expect cause it's on the net... So yes I remember them and bring them back. Also so I could Invent Facebook lol MM
  4. Megapixelman

    Dvtel Supported Camera List

    Absolutely Nothing..... But in Oz they have a decent market share with government... Anything propietry is Rubbish I want to sell Sony to people using it thats all... MM
  5. HI, I am chasing a Dvtel European or USA list of supported cameras... I know they have different ones for different locations like Eurpoe and USA. Seems that only want to sell you PANA, AXIS and only the top end SONY cameras.. DVtel Open Platform what a joke. Thanks MM
  6. In the past I have one solution that works. Put a GEKO on a leash that will eat the bugs but give him enough room to hide under the sunsheild on hot days.. We called ours " The Gekonator " and to this day is working but getting a little fat now days due to the plentiful food supply... hahah just kidding we called him " Geks " the other was too long. MM
  7. Hi So you are going to be running HD-SDI cameras with I guess Exmor / Exview Sensors... I have been testing HD-SDI for a over 12 months now and find it to be not bad quality and easy for a uneducated in IP. I am interested to know if this is the line of cameras you are looking at.. MM
  8. I can't say much about the brickcom but I know they are well backed with funds so assume the cameras will not be too bad. I like to see real life demos rather then staged footage from suppliers as I think it gives really shows off the cameras in the hands of everyday users not engineers that can tweak the camera firmware and settings to suit the shot. Axis make a good camera and some really great niche products for the market but I am a Sony Fan... As never called back on a Sony Job to fix or Re-focus cameras. This Sony camera is out of the box, Hit focus and thats the Image I get... Not bad if you ask me !!!
  9. If you want the BEST then the only one is SONY CH140.... Hands down the best low light and WDR camera on the market.. I have done many shootouts with Panasonic, Axis, Mobotix, Samsung and all the rest whicle they have techs playing for hours to get the cameras setup to try beat the SONY i simply plug it in hit Focus and the job is as good as won.... You tube the SONY CH140 and see for your self. I have been doing IP when people laughed at IP and now this is all they want.... In low light Sony is the best but does not come cheap and when you bring price into it the the the price can make others look good... Also SONY run with the EXMOR technology in the chipsets which is light years ahead of other comapnies chipset technologies. Thanks MM
  10. Right you are a dealer for who? AK357 Maybe hear what cameras they want to use and I am sure Avigilon works with everything or are they more proprietary !!! I think proprietary Avigilon is not bad and am happy you didn't say ACTI or somethig like that. Thanks MM
  11. What Budget do you have as well.... What is the network infastructure ( New or Existing ), What switches are you using ? Happy to help but need more information. Thanks MM
  12. Megapixelman


    Hasn't CNB been bought by BOSCH !!!! MM
  13. I have used Messoa on a few jobs and find them to be a nice device excpet the fact all camera come with a Static IP adress No fun on larger Installs but have had a few failures on POE. All in all though not bad cameras. I have been interested in trying their LPR cameras but have only used the Shany cameras, which again I have had good results with as well... You are right as I have used a H.264 Encoder the JPEG200 would be much better. http://www.shany.com/all.asp?fname=p03-a8 Anyway good discusson keep the comments coming. MM
  14. Yeah I think that having office trainers handle training coarses over actauly real life installers that come across real life problems is a concern, but I have a rule don't believe anyone and do the testing yourself.... You are correct and I should have mentioned the Shutter speed and also remember changing the shutter speed also effects the camera at different light levels hence testing at night as well as during the day. Yes I have had some success with LPR but also had my failures and at times spent hours pulling my hair out. Thanks MM
  15. Megapixelman

    Sale of ExacqVision !!!!

    Thats why thay are looking to buy a VMS as they are late into the game and it is too hard to start this late.... I guess time will tell and we will see what happens in the next few months. MM