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  1. greetings all, we just changed our cctv cams to hd...the dvisn nano feed box will not work with digital...or so atx the manufacturer says...is there a cheaper way around this as a new box is over a thousand dollars and we only have a 3 cam setup thanks to all who can give me some guidance
  2. can i run all 8 cams on a 8 ch nvr at 200ft ??? thanks
  3. do not buy the cheap china cards...i did, although they do work the problems and pirated cards are not worth the trouble...wish i never purchased.. as a cheap system is good but by no means quality footage.
  4. i get that same effect from my neighbours high eff furnace...but thats in the cold months only...just my 2 cents
  5. tried quite a few programs that are free but none work...they dont seem to recognize the file...any help i would be extreamly thankfull. or is this possible ??? this is so i can give video to niegbour, so she can see people trying to break into her car, that my system is catching. thanks again xerxies
  6. purchased a no name ..GM8182t-xsa dvr, need battery for the memory. but don't know what size as there was none installed please any assistance would be helpfull. thanks a bunch!!! patrick its a button battery
  7. greetings to everyone, hi I have cctv cams that need digital tv,my plasma can't run them as its older and i guess not digital...my question is can i use a digital to analog converter to fix this problem. they work fine with my computer and dvr card or digital monitor ...but..i would like to run it through my tv as my wife is scared of people coming to the door who she does not know........any help will be appreciated....thanks all who help........patrick Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. ps they are just cheap china dome cams