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  1. We have several Vivotek cameras connected to a ND9322P NVR. All of these start recording when an event is registered by a trigger from a connected PIR/Relay. - ie one PIR/Relay per camera. Having all these PIRs and relays represent a maintenance burden and I seem to recall there was a facility whereby one camera could trigger another one the start recording on the same event but I can trace the info. For layout considerations ( ie crossing a road way ) we don't want to run a pair of wires between the two camera. Any ideas?
  2. Apart from Vivotek and 4XEM are there any other brands that can be managed using the ST7501 application?
  3. Means supply ground or voltage to Vivotek digital input and analyse and how its triggering recording OK, I have the Redwall switching a relay that sends the DI camera output to ground. By sending it to ground, I understand that that triggers the camera to start recording. Is my understanding correct? Going back to my original query....... if the camera needs the gounding to be absent for a minimum say 3 seconds and the Redwall re-triggers very 2 seconds - would that be the reason why I'm not getting a new event? It's just my theory. What do you think?
  4. >Forget PIR >Trigger "by hand" and learn how Vivotek works I don't understand it either! If he is wondering why I use PIR's instead of motion detection, I would explain that I had been getting a huge number of false alarms as the building and area under surveillance is in part shadow caused by trees. The shadows are present during bright sunshine and at night also as there are street lamps just outside the perimeter beyond the trees. Whenever there is any wind, the shadows move and cause the motion sensor windows to initiate a false alarm. I tried every possible combination of settings and diffrent window locations/size but alway got too many false alarms. Since putting in the PIR's, I have not had one false alarm. The Redwalls are dual sensor and dsigned for extenal use. Not cheap , but very reliable.
  5. I use Redwall (Optex) PIR sensors to provide individual digital input to trigger Vivotek IP8332 and IP8330 cameras and I understand the Redwall digital trigger lasts for about 2 seconds. The problem I have is that whatever I set the camera event duration to, I cannot get any of the cameras to start a new event until the Redwalls have stopped providing digital input at the end of an incident. It appears that when someone triggers the Redwall, it will keep on triggering every 2 seconds until the person quits the area. The time interval between all these individual triggers appears to be so short that the camera does not get sufficient time to terminate one event so that it cannot start a new event. Hence I get sent snapshots by email of the first few seconds of action and nothing thereafter. When I get back on site and check the recordings, I can see the whole of the action. It's just the snapshots that are limited as they are selected from the first few sconds of the event I have tried setting event duration to 1, 2 3, 4 seconds etc - up to 20 but still can't get separate events. Does any one know how much time gap the Vivotek's need to create a new event? Can anyone offer a solution?