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  1. Thanks. I received the same answer from HIK Support about the same time I received notification of your response. UK spec? I'm in the US. Purchase all my HIK from ADI.
  2. The 1/2+ & 3/6- indicate the positive voltage is being delivered on pins 1/2 (orange/white) and the negative voltage is being delivered on pairs 3/6 (green/white). Try using a switch that powers pairs 4/5 & 7/8. (Blue & Brown pairs). The switch you're using may be proprietary to some other equipment (e.g. Engenius does this crap). See "pinouts" chart here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_over_Ethernet On the other hand, the POE on that dinosaur switch you have could be DOA...
  3. Cam 1 dies, but 2 & 3 stay running with patch cable disconnected...?? The only other patch cord is the network cable that's feeding the NVR (it has a single NIC).
  4. I have a few HIK 4mp cameras ( DS-2CD2142FWD-IS) on two separate installs, and at both locations, the cameras occasionally "bloom" or white-out. This happens day and night, with no apparent trigger (e.g. changing light, clouds, etc.). I also have 2mp & 3mp cameras installed at these same locations, and those are running without issue. Anyone else having this problem?
  5. So...found this on the HIK site: http://overseas.hikvision.com/ueditor/net/upload/2015-06-10/5be170a6-a413-42e6-b0f5-fd1fc260257a.pdf This is basically my situation. I am connecting the camera to a "remote" POE switch. Followed the instructions on the Technical Bulletin, including connecting a patch cord from the NVR port to the switch. Camera came right up. Here's where it gets weird: Followed the instructions for cameras 2 & 3 (in two other remote buildings), and they came up WITHOUT connecting a patch cord. I disconnected the patch cord from Cam 1, and it killed it. Cam 1 needs the patch cord connected to the NVR port, while cams 2 & 3 do not. Confusing, but it's working, so who am I to argue... Thanks, all.
  6. Yep, just figured that out. Will fill you in on the details later. Thanks, all.
  7. This issue is simply about connecting a remote camera to an HIK unit. Has anyone done this successfully?
  8. I attempted to delete/disable the unused ports to "make room" for the remote cam, but there does not seem to be a way to do this. I didn't attempt connecting to the camera as it's appearing on the NVR and on SADP...just won't let me add it.
  9. Well, that message should give you a good hint. It has nothing to do with the IP address of the camera. You have either used all the channels or bandwidth on the NVR. If you do have channels left (16), then you should probably check the bitrates on all the existing cameras, and lower them if needed in order to be able to add more. I have only one other camera plugged (directly) in to this 16-channel NVR.
  10. I've been installing HIK for over a year now, but recently came upon an issue that I can't figure out, and their website/manual doesn't address. NVR is a DS-7716NI-SP/16 with f/w 3.3.6. Camera is a DS-2CD2142FWD-IS with f/w 5.3. NVR is located in Bldg. A. Camera is located in Bldg. B. Bldg. A & B are connected via fiber-optic cable, switch to switch. Camera is powered by a POE injector and plugged in to Bldg. B switch. NVR is configured properly and plugged in to Bldg. A switch. NVR/SADP sees the camera, but cannot add the camera to live view (Clicking the "+" button indicates "No more IP Cameras allowed"). I've changed the camera IP address to match the internal NVR camera IP's. Can't get the remote camera to connect...
  11. Would also like to hear how you ran a customer's cable on the power/telco companies poles. Did you get right-of-way permissions or does the customer own the poles? Did you run aerial cable with a built-in suspension wire? Did you ground/protect each wire at each building entrance with the appropriate lightning protectors? The limit for ethernet (Cat6) is 100m/339'. Are you able to connect reliably @ 400'?
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    Quick advice needed

    Game cam.
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    Broadcasting HDMI from NVR to Five TV's?

    Looks good, thanks.
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    Broadcasting HDMI from NVR to Five TV's?

    Great. C'mon down to Miami and do it for half. I'll bill my client the full price and won't even have to get my hands dirty. Win-win!
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    Broadcasting HDMI from NVR to Five TV's?

    8 way splitter = $500+ 5 sets of HDMI/Ethernet Extenders = $875 Dual Cat5e runs to 5 locations = $750 Installation/programming = $450 Total = $2575. How much is a modulator?