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  1. I am in Canada QC and I have 2 Hick and 2 Dahua until many years and never have any problem...
  2. lgRich

    Dahua PTZ SD59220I

    Maybe with the Web Service : Setup / System / Default
  3. Take a look at costco, Swan is the same as Hick https://www.costco.com/Swann-8-Channel-HD-Analog-DVR-with-2TB-HDD%2c-8-5MP-Cameras-with-100'-Night-Vision.product.100324200.html Swann 8-Channel HD Analog DVR with 2TB HDD, 8 5MP Cameras with 100' Night Vision $699.99 and Costco have a good return Policy...
  4. lgRich

    IP camera viewer

    You can easily do that with Milestone Smart Client with the Carousel Option ! .
  5. Take a look at this link: http://meteo.logigestion.ca/wxlive.php I do that with Weather Display and Hikvision IP camera..
  6. Swann camera are selling by Costco and are made by Hikvision. I have 2 Swann model 820 and they are identical to the Hikvision DS-2CD2032. Use the SADP tools from Hikvision and will be able to access your camera.
  7. I leave in Quebec and I run this for cameras until few years without any problem. 2x HIKVision DS-2CD2032. 1920 x 1080, 30 fps. 2x Dahua PTZ SD3282DN 1920 x 1080 30 fps.
  8. Sorry for my English. My need is for weather application (still image and time laps) and I want to be able to zoom in and out very occasionally via the web interface. The camera will be always in day mode so the IR is not a consideration. I have already made a lot of search on the web and on different forum and I need help from experimented user to make the best choice. I have considered the Hikvision DS-2CD8254FWD-EIZ because this-is in my budget and also I am very happy with my Hik. DS-2CD2032-I and Swann equivalent. My clue about this one is about the autofocus capability, I can’t find nothing very precise about this. Someone here experimented with this model can confirm this will be suitable for my need? I have also considered the KCM-5511 but the cost is 50% more than Hik. So your comments and any other suggestions will be very appreciate... Thanks
  9. Yes it-work... Did u upgrade it Via Web Browser? or Via TFTP Method. I'm Getting my Swann Cameras delivered tomorrow. First thing I'm going to do is to attempt to update the firmware on those. So want to be sure before doing so. Via the web browser and the first one I have upgrade as necessity a hard reset and the second one no hard reset!!!
  10. I am planning to buy this camera and yours comments about this camera will-be very appreciate… Thanks
  11. I have the same exact problem, take a look at this link… http://www.cam-it.org/index.php?topic=5237.0 After running stable during a few day the problem is back again but only a few time a day.
  12. Improved web interface like this:
  13. Original size (1280 X 720 524 Ko) Reduced at 75% to respect the limit.
  14. Hello CorvairShaggy, Sorry for my English. I have 4 AirCam installed outside my home until 18 months now and everything work very well. The temperature range here vary between + 35C to - 30C. My PC is based on Windows XP 3Mo memory and a CPU AMD Phenom II X6 and the cameras run at 4096 Kbit/s and 30 Fps. The CPU usage is around 40%. I never use the UBNT software. I use BlueIris 3 ($50,00) and Milestone XProtect Go 2 (free) simultaneous. I manage my AirCam with the Web Browser and I repeat I never installed nothing from UBNT. So I suggest you: 1) Remove all UBNT software. 2) Upgrade the the firware 1.1.3 it’s not stable, the 1.1.5 is very stable. 3) Setup the AirCam with your Web Browser. 4) If everything is stable go with BlueIris 15 days trial version. Last thing: I have very good result during the day and also during the night with a simply 50 watts halogen spot and the street light. Personally I don’t like greenish picture with IR. I hope this can help-you. lgRich