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  1. laurag98107

    CCTV Camera Wiring Question

    I took the pictures as you suggested, and answered my own question when I viewed them. (I couldn't read the small print on the circuit board with my eyes, but the close up photos are quite readable). And you were correct in your identification of the wires. Thank you!
  2. laurag98107

    CCTV Camera Wiring Question

    I have a COP-USA bazooka series camera, model #CZ16IRRC that has no ends on the wire coming out of the camera. The wires are green, black, yellow, and red. The camera has no audio, but it does have motorized zoom. There is also one small wire next to the larger cable coming out of the back - it looks to me like an antenna wire, although I don't think the camera has wireless capability. Can anyone help me with this? I don't want to hook it up wrong and fry it. Thanks!