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  1. Just wondering if there are recommendations for a better power supply? Currently I am using the Monoprice "4 Channel CCTV Camera Power Supply - 12VDC - 5 Amps" and after 1 yr, one of the camera went out because of the faulty fuse. So now I am looking to replace the power supply. I just want to buy something of better quality if there is.
  2. Just upgrade my camera to Dahua HD-CVI system and everything has been great. Only issue is having a difficult time with the false positive on my front area. I have a zone for motion detection to record events but the issue is my neighbor has a super bright LED light sensor. This sensor detects up to 20 ft away so pedestrian on the street is flagging his light and then triggering my motion detection. I changed the sensitivity to 75 and threshold to 15 and no luck. Anyone have any formula on this? Thanks
  3. We live in NYC, in a semi detached house with a private driveway (my poor drawing skills below will give a better visual). We've been looking to install a security system in our house ever since we received half a dozen of scratches in our new car. When it comes to security cameras I have no idea where to go besides seeing QSEE models in the wholesale stores. I'm looking to install a 3 camera CCTV system. My ultimate goal is to monitor or record anyone coming close contact with the vehicle (we are guessing its our neighbor but we have no hard evidence) but since I am installing this I also want to put a camera monitoring the front entrance and backyard. Can anyone recommend a good camera below $200? What do you guys think about the Samsung SCC B5367N? Most likely the camera monitoring the car will be mounted near the back side of the house.. would this camera be able to get a good visual 40 ft away? Also which DVR would you recommend ($175 budget for DVR)? Something basic that can record a week and I can remotely monitor and view with my Android smartphone would be ideal. Thanks in advance
  4. Please look at the attachment pictures for reference. During the evening when the IR is on, the picture is very foggy/cloudy. You can barely make out past 10-15 ft. After carefully looking at the location of the security camera, I think I found the culprit but I'm not 100% sure. In front of the camera is an aluminum vent (lower right corner of picture), would that cause the IR to reflect causing this foggy picture? If that is the cause, can I paint or put something over the aluminum or make it less reflective? I would rather take that route than relocating the security camera. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I am able to remote view via PSS on my Windows 7 desktop and gDMSS on my Android smartphone. The problem I am having is when I open an Internet Explorer (v8) browser and put in my IP address, I get the error message "cannot display webpage". Is it just http://IP address? what about port number? does it use the 3777 port? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. namahs

    Foggy picture when IR is turned on

    Yeah, thats why I figured the foggy picture was caused by the metal vent seen on the lower right of the camera. I guess moving the camera is the only option. I was just wondering if I can just get away with painting the vent to make it less reflective.
  7. namahs

    Foggy picture when IR is turned on

    Unfortunately there is no cover for this dome camera. This is the camera. http://www.mammothtechnologies.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/508x381/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/w/h/whitedome.jpg
  8. I fixed the issue. Apparently most residential ISP would block port 80 (web). I confirmed by checking to see if my ports were open thru www.canyouseeme.org . Then I changed the web port on the Dahua DVR to (anything other than 80) 8888 and added the port fwd on my wifi router. It works now =)
  9. namahs

    Dahua account lock

    After about 30 mins, the account auto unlocked. Thanks
  10. I was setting up dDMSS on my Android phone and was configured with the default admin credentials. It works beautifully. Later I changed the password on the Dahua DVR but my Android phone kept giving me login error. After 2nd attempt from my phone it locked the admin account. Any idea how the admin account is unlocked? I can't find any info anymore. Only info is that it auto locks the account if theres more than 5 unsuccessful attempts within 30 mins. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Any of you guys have a current model HDD that is guaranteed to work on the Dahua DVR? I'm looking for a 500GB one. The list above seems to be HDD that are old and discontinued. Thanks
  12. namahs

    Basic CCTV system design recommendation

    Does anyone know where I can buy the CNB cameras in USA? I'm looking to get 1x CNB VCM-24VF 2x CNB VCM-20VF http://www.cnbusa.com/en/html/product/product.php?seqx_prod=1089 It seems like the VCM-20VF is hard to find.
  13. namahs

    Basic CCTV system design recommendation

    The CNB's 24VF looks nice but I don't think it will work since my driveway is pitch black in the night. I am looking at the Empire ESC3 cameras for now..the video quality and price point is great. The plus is that they are in the NYC area so if anything goes wrong..servicing hopefully wont be an issue. As far as the DVR..I found a local store that sells the Samsung SRD-450 for $300. Do you think 3 of these camera would draw a lot of power? I'm thinking about just directly plugging to a power strip/surge protector. Once I get this set up in a few weeks I will post picture updates =)