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  1. Thanks for the reply , I've worked out I had to lower the resolution to 720p and it's being more seam less image now and this is being run on an i5 processor so you would think it would easily handle video.
  2. Hi Guy's ! I need your help if you don't mind , i have just bought a hikvision DS-2CD2085FWD-I 8mp ip camera which is connected directly to a microsoft surface 4 pro tablet by a short ethernet cable . I also have some external software on my tablet which needs a url to view the ip camera on which i have had to use the rtsp://User:Password@LocalIPorDDNSorISPIPAddress:PortForCamera/PSIA/Streaming/channels/1 realtime url address to view the live image on my software . now the problem i'm having is on this software the moving image is really laggy and sometime is a couple of seconds to catch back up yet on the hikvision admin login setup etc the moving live image has no lag at all and view's perfect ?? Now my question is what can i do to stop the bad lag that i'm seeing on my software , also this is not connected to the internet in any way seeing as it's direct ip camera to the tablet etc so any idea's guy's ??? thanks in advance
  3. moj

    Sony Effio-E Super HAD 700TVL ANY GOOD

    I, ve just installed one of these ptz cameras and to be honest i am really impressed with the quality for the price i paid, the night view is crystal clear aswell and the ptz function is fast and easy to use. The other thing i like is the dome is a very small and inconspicuous so it doesnt look out of place when installed, if they sold this camera with the 27x zoom id treat myself to one tomorrow especially if it was the same tiny sized dome On the whole tho id highly recommend this camera and can vouch for its viewing quality and hope ive been of some help