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  1. locat2mcctv

    help on best mic

    I would agree, ETS omni directional mic works the best IMO.
  2. locat2mcctv

    Geovision 1120 dmmulticam no priviledge

    what happens when you try it over the lan? also check if any firewall or antivirus may be blocking multiview.
  3. http://www.2mcctv.com/videos-Geovision.html The videos are all on youtube format... enjoy.
  4. locat2mcctv

    GV-POS Text Overlay

    I can vouch that the geovision pos works well when everything is setup, sometimes setting it up can be a pain. I have had some customer who use AVE VSI-PRO and it seems to be more user friendly when it comes to setup. AVE VSI PRO connects between the camera and all the configuration is in the box. From what i understand is you can give the model number of your POS system to AVE and they will pre program it that system prior to sending it out. Hope that helps.
  5. Try updating the video card drivers and make sure DSP overlay is on in the geovision software.
  6. There are several way to integrate multiple DVR with one software... one way is to have DVR that are the same model number or the same manufacture, most manufacture have CMS software that are able to tie their DVR together for all in one viewing. I have yet to run into a software that will bring in video feed from different manufactures DVR. Another way is using IP cameras, I personally have installed IP cameras at different locations and tied them together using a NVR software that accepts onvif.
  7. locat2mcctv

    Any installers needing help with port forwarding?

    lol ill do a couple of your customers for you on the house. But if you start installing our DVR feel free to send them all our way and not worry about dealing with tech calls again
  8. Hello! I am currently looking for any installers who are having trouble setting up port forwarding for any DVR or NVR. I am willing to remote into your computer with your permission of course using teamviewer and from there I will setup port forwarding to get your DVR working remotely. ALL THIS FOR THE LOW PRICE OF 0.00 DOLLARS for a limited time only! I figure this would be a great way to network with installers who are open to getting great deals on their cctv needs. I firmly believe it is not always about the lowest price (even though we are pretty low on our prices ) but the quality service that a customer receives. So if you are interested on test driving our tech support please send me a message. Please have ready the info below: Teamviewer ID: software can be downloaded below http://www.teamviewer.com/en/index.aspx DVR model Number Router's username and password. Regards, Loc http://www.2mcctv.com
  9. locat2mcctv

    Reliability of HDD vs Solid State

    I would go with solid state. There is no moving parts and they tend to last longer than any platter base hard drive.
  10. locat2mcctv

    help with designing an IP security system

    Yes, since the resolution on IP camera are bigger and the quality is so much better you will need to get a lot of storage especially for 120 cameras. The big advantages in my opinion between paid NVR and those free NVR is the service you get when you purchase with technical support. If you just need a system to record, playback, and want to view it remotely and you know what you are doing I would personally go with a free software like NVS Center.
  11. locat2mcctv

    CnM Secure 4 Channel H.264 DVR

    I would definitely check the speed of your internet. You can go here to check it http://www.speedtest.net/ If you find you're connection sitting under 1 mbps and am almost positive that is your problem. Also before changing internet speeds you can go into the DVR and change the camera resolution to a smaller resolution. I have had some customer who had their DVR set to D1 and when they were viewing it online it seemed choppy but ran a lot smoother when switching to cif resolution.
  12. locat2mcctv

    1st system set-up help

    Yes that would work, I recommend that all the time to my customers. Just connect the video out on the DVR with a BNC and on the other side get a BNC TO RCA male connection and connect it to the TV inputs.
  13. 1) I would check if the port on the actual device is correct and the same port number is being forwarded on the router. 2) Most of the DVR i seen they do break it up in small segmented clips, so I wouldn't worry to much about this problem if I was you.