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  1. I have a system that is located at a industrial complex where the guard shack is a seperate building from the area being monitored. The DVR is located in the guard shack and the cameras and power supply is located inside the warehouse. System functioned wonderfully until a recent storm (electrical) zapped a few cameras. I replaced a few of the board cameras from the existing domes with some boards purchased off ebay. (shared ground dc camera boards) and have serious issues when I hook up more then one to the DVR. Rolling horizontal lines. Individually, each camera looks great. All connected together and it gets very bad. What is the more likely solution to my issue? Ground loop isolators on each problem camera? Individual DC power supplies for the problem cameras? Something I haven't considered? Advise would be appreciated, this job site requires 2 hours of windshield time and I need to resolve this issue with one trip if possible. System is powered by a Honeywell 8 channel AC Powersupply Original cameras are Dedicated Micros Domes New camera boards are DC cameras that produce a decent picture individually just interfere when all connected at the same time. I have inline power converters at the cameras to convert the 24vac to 12dvc. I have good voltage at the cameras. Thanks for your time.