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  1. stuartbraybrooke

    Avtech 674 questions

    Thanks again Leo. I use Eagle Eyes on iPhone alot of the time. Is there a way to playback the motion alerts on iPhone (directly from the motion alert email link) or do I have to go into Eagle Eyes and manually find the motion alert? It would also be nice if Eagle Eyes had a "still" image functon (so you can take a JPEG of the video and store it on the iPhone). Do you have any plans to add this functionality? Thanks & regards Stuart
  2. stuartbraybrooke

    Avtech 674 questions

    Thanks you for your help Leo. I finally got Eagle Eyes going over 3G/GPRS by changing port to 8080 (I did this before I saw your response). I guess Orange (my mobile provider) blocks port 80 for some reason (although it is strange that it still worked on the Safari browser). Likewise with the gmail account (and your port recommendations!) I got email! Interestingly, the "standard" gmail smtp port that my Outlook used did not work with gmail but yours works a treat. Nest question - how do I play the MIME file it sends me? None of my browsers seem to like it very much. Thanks & regards Stuart
  3. stuartbraybrooke

    Avtech 674 questions

    Hi I have just installed an Avtech 674 and have some questions. I hope you can help me: 1. Eagle Eyes on iPhone 4 I am using an iPhone 4 for Eagle Eyes. In brief: • I can view the DVR “live” using the Safari browser on my iPhone over the 3G/GPRS network • I can view the event log using Eagle Eyes on my iPhone over the 3G/GPRS network • I can use all Eagle Eyes functions including live view and playback of recorded video using Eagle Eyes over my wireless LAN • I cannot view any video (live or recorded) using Eagle Eyes over a 3G/GPRS network. It gives the message “undefine error happened!” 2. Email problems I have tried using a TalkTalk POP3 account and two of my own business POP3 accounts. The DVR event log shows “Mail Fail”. I have tried options such as “password verification” but it makes no difference. DVR connects to the net OK (both LAN and WAN). Can someone please indi cate what I need to do? 3. Other questions There are also a number of things that are not explained in the manuals. Could you please provide some info?: • Logging on as an “operator” (as opposed to “ADMIN”) from a remote browser – what is the user name for an operator? I tried “operator” but nothing happens. • In the menu for ADVANCED CONFIG  DISPLAY, what does “display covert” do? It is set to “on” but I can’t see any difference when I switch it off. Also in the same menu what does “alpha blending” do? • The EVENT INFORMATION  EVENT LOG only shows system events (not for instance motion events). How do you get it to log motion events here? • Is there a way of changing the length of “pre alarm record”? Thank you for any help you can give. Regards Stuart