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  1. SADP Tools is for Hikvision Camera only. If your camera is AVTECH, SADP not able to detect it
  2. ben_indo

    Internet connection for DVR

    You may consider to use Powerline adapter
  3. ben_indo

    Decoding IP camera feed to HD-SDI

    Why not just simply buy HD SDI Camera ?
  4. I don't think you will find record delete feature, It is not suppose tobe deleted, but you can totally erase all record by format the hdd
  5. ben_indo

    Hallo from Indonesia (south Borneo)

  6. Thanks partner. I figured that too, but I believe I've read that it has been done so I's like to give it another two hours...if I had some ideas about something else to try...but the idea well is dry. Thank you though. I appreciate your time and effort. May the force be with you
  7. ben_indo

    hik-online.com anyone?

    oh this is great !!, it helps a lot, we can use this instead of DDNS
  8. By default Hikvision DVR port is 8000, you need to forward this port and you need to open this port at the firewall too
  9. ben_indo

    Big problem with my DVR Hikvison

    Have tried to contact Hikvision for help or ask help from your supplier ? What actually happened that make 5 DVRs have such problems in a day ??
  10. ben_indo

    hikvision dvr

    While i am not familiar with that particular model, my experience with other Hikvision models are very good, come with very good Client CMS software for windows, mac, iOS, android.
  11. ben_indo

    Megapixel cameras and NVR or computers?

    i got the dome 1.3 mp and 2mp and some of the outdoor bullet cams.. 1.3mp and the 2mp.. got 5 of each! i love them! great quality for your buck! appreciate if you can show us some image capture, interested with the IR bullet type, wanted to see how it perform in the dark ... thanks
  12. ben_indo

    Security company CRM??

    Give tigercrm ---> http://www.vtiger.com/ a try free open source alternative
  13. ben_indo

    Looking for reliable dvr

    So far so good on them for me also. +1 so we stop selling PCDVR totally
  14. ben_indo

    Problem with DVRUSA DVR

    I am not familiar with DVRUSA DVR but we used to sell some Hawkeye system. To do fresh install the system you need to install the DVR software after install the OS Fedora 9. I am not sure whether Neugent will respon to your request for their software