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  1. Thanks, thats a great idea indeed. " title="Applause" /> I have a tv here at home thats interactive, see how that works. the hdmi sticks are not expensive indeed.
  2. Thanks for your reply, i actually have forgot to mention those as well. If there is no other solution i might have to think of these indeed, the "problem" is that it needs 2 cat5/6 cables and i do need to be able to hide those as well. I prefer something with 1 cable or if there is something else like broadcast it on the cable tv line if suchs excist ofcourse.
  3. Hi all, i am busy to update a security system in a friends house. Now his wishes are the be able to view the image on all the TV's in the house. I have been thinking how i should manage this. The recorder we have is the NVR3204V The TV's are located about 15/20 meters away from each other and all have HDMI but there is only 1 hdmi port available on the nvr. I thought to use a hdmi splitter 3 way so i have 3 ports with the same amplified signal. The question is , how to get it to the TV's as simple as possible and possible the cheapest way. 1 TV is no problem since the NVR is under the ground there and a cable can be connected right away from the splitter to the TV. The other 2 however are a bit further located. I have been looking in a wireless system but i am not sure if these work like advertised with interference and suchs even when they work on 5.8 ghz (that band is getting more crowded as we speak and the problem comes i guess what we have with 2.4 ghz that its full in a while when it becomes standard as well) Is there maybe a out of the box solution , or do i have to place a raspberry for example everywhere that runs some sort of a cctv player ? Hope to hear from you guys, thanks Vince
  4. lol, how about looking on top of the forum haha. Its easy done but you have to know what pin and then youre done.
  5. Yes that looks great ! Thanks for the vid
  6. Thanks allot Neutech, that is what i am looking for. You are right about that indeed, maybe i will only make it turn to AV when the doorbel is pressed on the gate. That makes it less irritating i guess. Super " title="Applause" /> makes me happy
  7. My question is, Is it possible to let the TV switch to let's say your AV channel if there is a motion detection or alert ? I have thought of a few ideas: I am using a Dahua VEC8016HB card, and Linovision software. This supports I/O controllers wich i have ordered. I got 8 input chans and 8 output chans. when there is a alert i would like to let the i/o device switch the television in the living room if its already on to the AV channel so i can see the cams on screen. It is a Samsung Led tv UEA something not sure about the type. If there is a movement alarm or something/one walks trough the PIR beams it turns a relay on that presses a button on a learning remote control. The one you can use on multiple devices and can make your own programs with. I thought to learn it and set under a key so the relay presses the key and it turns on the wanted channel. This is all nice but its messy. I am not the only one with this idea i think, and is there something that does this out of the box. Or do you need a special TV for it, do i need to contact samsung for something like this ? Any body ? hope this is not to messy and a bit understandable what i mean. Thanks Vincent
  8. vincenttor

    My home made PTZ camera

    HA! I have a $400 PTZ on my house that's 100x better, but I can still dig it. were is the fun of buying ? well i like to make stuff and if it works this good its just more fun also cheap because the lens was for free the ptz also and the velleman card i bought for little money. what type of ptz is that cam then , ip version ?
  9. vincenttor

    DVR Server build

    Well today i discovered that my Composite usb was broken it was time to make the Dahua card into a nice box. wanted to show the pics here, fits exactly funny thing is the case i have here is from the old security system from the house. I bought the DDahua VEC8016HB card and had a new Zotac motherboard that i planned to use for my carpc. now its a nice DVR server. All fits tight in the box some things to search for is a piece of hardware that works with the dahua software to add sensors planning to make a invisible fence . when you step trough the line the sensor gets an alarm and all cams start to record. also busy with 50W floodlight led to make. buy 50w leds with transformer and build them into cheap halogen floodlights much to do
  10. vincenttor

    My home made PTZ camera

    thats a great idea indeed red thx and with the lightning rod on a higher place is even better. There are some changes made in the tower, have a telescope ? tower i can use a winch to get the tower up to 26 Meters now and when it is down it is just +/- 7 meters all remote controlled so when i drop it down you can barely notice the tower
  11. Sorry for the late reply had allot of work to do. Well here we have bad cables then for that money, ive called with 5 company's that sold the cheaper sorts and most of m did not knew if they were all copper or aluminum with copper layer. no test rapports or something. Today i wanted to test the camera and the composite adapter i used with the previous tests does not work anymore goodbye test results... So sorry but this topic can be closed or deleted.
  12. @rory: i changed the javascript to motion jpeg but it did not do anything because the computer was allready offline so the images are both taken with the javascript part. i can not do a comparison anymore with the DVR card this is because i do not have the old wire anymore there. @soundy, no id did mean infact FTP cable STands for : Foiled Twisted Pair you also got Sftp and that is that the pairs are also foiled and the whole cable. Did not knew about the measuring i thought it would be the problem. it did gave problems with the internet and image. but still isnt it strange, the same cable length , but the pairs all give a different Ohm value ( i am a DIY'r so i didnt knew about this) with the next camera's i will use the DVR software and make a screenshot to compare then take a screen with the new cable. thanks for the tip btw with the baluns, i understood that those meant if you only used network cable
  13. Well i am using Network cables instead of coax cable. I have learned my lessons by buying cheap cable , the cables like 305meter for 80 euro. i guess the problem is that they are made from aluminum with a copper coating. I discovered it when i got image loss and problems when using it for the computer network. what i did is take a multi/volt meter and i measured the cable resistance. for example i used the orange pair and added them together on the end of the cable ( 300meter) the value i got was high over 150 Ohm. then i got the blue pair and measured, still the same cable and length. the value i got was 40 Ohm. and so on, this should be all the same or a bit difference. then i bought a Belden Cat5e cable and it was allot better. per accident i bought a FTP cable that means a cat5e cable but shielded with aluminum foil and from another brand. the image difference was allot better compared to the old one. i do not got images of the difference in France were i discovered it but today i changed my cables from 2 cams allready with the AMP tyco cat5 FTP cable. you can see some difference in details I did used the bnc-ftp adapters to get 75 Ohm instead of the 100 Ohm the camera i used for testing is a cheap PTZ cam from ebay with 27x zoom. plan is to change the cam for a better one with a higher LUX rate like 0.001 or something. image is also captured with a Usb-Av in adapter instead of a DVR So all i want to say with this is do not save money on the cable if you want to keep the best image possible will change the cable next weekend from the samsung cam i use that has a better resolution to see the difference there and do some more tests with zooming on objects
  14. vincenttor

    New CCTV setup advice please

    maybe IP camera's are an idea ? and if the range is not enough from the wifi. use a wifi amplifier and a external antenna the image is far more sharp also then wired cams if i understood correct.
  15. yes off course the manufacturers will place nice ratings to sell there product but if you look at this movie they also send it does seem to work pretty good if you ask me. do not know for sure if it is 100meter or more but certainly looks like a big distance http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTg5NTMyNTQ4.html its some sort of a Chinese you tube link i also have a PDF file with the prices and sorts they sell if i understood correctly they have one with a lens also that can zoom in and zoom out so the further you go the more you can narrow or wide it. (no i am not a salesman, just interested in this stuff also have the same "problem")