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  1. whoa VST, you've got it all wrong. the government could never let the internet fail, how would they keep controlling our minds and reading our thoughts?
  2. CCTVcams

    Portable DVRs

    i've read great reviews on the Archos portable DVR (check out CNET). the AV700 comes with RCA adaptor cables, 7" screen, and stores 130 hours of video. think video playback is about 4 hours per charge. would love to have one for myself.
  3. probably nothing to worry about - you can be sure a new free alternative will pop up as soon as others start charging.
  4. CCTVcams

    ARM NDVR480G

    no worries, glad you got it up and running!
  5. CCTVcams

    Laptop Issues

    that would explain why the prior attempt at reformatting failed halfway through.
  6. CCTVcams

    ARM NDVR480G

    hey VST_Man, have you found it yet? if not, think i can help. send me an email address and i'll forward. it's a small file, less than a meg.
  7. CCTVcams

    Laptop Issues

    hey rory - sounds like a headache! is the disc drive still working? if you're trying to get images off, and the file structure happens to be remain in tact, you can use a linux boot disc. we use these all the time for fraud investigations when we don't want to leave an imprint on the HD - it mounts only, no write access. the version we use is penguin sleuth (http://www.linux-forensics.com) - the entire OS runs from the disc and you'll at least be able to tell for sure if there's anything left on the drive. just a thought...
  8. max, not sure if this gets you there, but you may want to check out this thread: http://cctvforum.com/about3829.html
  9. CCTVcams

    Webgate p/w recovery

    Per their website: ----------------------------------------- Thank you for contact at Webgate. If you come with error for WebEye and i-Rec series, please refer to the attached manual. Manual location : Download center->Model series->Technical Note->Document 1. Network Connection Error 2. Factory default due to the forgotten password Password factory reset value : admin Network factory reset value : - IP - Netmask - gateway If you send us mac address for initializing a key value, we'll support you with a solution. Contact e-mail : support@webgateinc.com Thanks... ----------------------------------------- You can also d/l the documentation here, which says there should be "Reset Values" button on the DVR. http://ns.mycam.to/wgi_htdocs/eng/product/view.php?id=wgi_eng&no=2 Best of luck.
  10. CCTVcams

    Taiwanese Error Message

    hey, that may be one of ours! hysterical - thanks for sharing.
  11. CCTVcams

    which specs are REALLY important?

    by the way, on a side - why can't you set up the site for sales? customs doesn't allow you to ship to US, or is it just cost prohibitive? with your background and experience, probably wouldn't be too difficult to find a partner state-side that can drop ship on your behalf for a small cut of the take???
  12. CCTVcams

    which specs are REALLY important?

    thanks for the link, rory - especially liked your description paragraph on the Nubix. this is more along the lines of what we're trying to achieve in our descriptions, as we think customers and search engine spiders would prefer to read descriptions than a table of product features. thanks for sharing, and will definitely incorporate as many of the ideas as possible. especially software screenshots!
  13. CCTVcams

    which specs are REALLY important?

    lol - thanks guys. was hoping that we previously included too much information, but sounds like it's probably not enough! at least, not where it counts. appreciate the prompt feedback and will try to incorporate as much as possible. thanks again and feel free to include any additional thoughts/insight.
  14. CCTVcams

    Few general questions re dvr's

    pretty interesting concept, kensplace - thanks for sharing. keep us posted if you can get it to work with a multiplexer - seems like a pretty decent alternative to a budget 1-ch dvr. max, you mentioned losing flexibility in frame rate - you mean if you wanted to reduce quality to save hdd space?
  15. CCTVcams

    dvr suggestions.

    hey jeffpa, not personally familiar with this model, but you may find some additional information here: http://www.cctvforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=5423&highlight=everfocus