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  1. so roll a truck, get on the ladder or bucket truck, remove the service port and how long does it take for the moisture to escape? The bigger problem is when the lens is full of water. we have had 3 or 4 have that problem
  2. The big question is why do you suspect there is a camera in the room?
  3. Find your local Videofied installer. you arm and disarm the system just like an alarm system. when the motion viewer see motion it uses cellular to send a clip to the monitoring company who can then dispatch the police or notify you. looking at video the next day won't do you any good
  4. Unless Canon changes the business plan of Axis where I buy a camera from my distributor for $505.00 and my customer can but the same camera for $515.00 online I don't see where I will jump into the Canon/Axis/Milestone arena.
  5. chaz

    Noip down?

    For years we used TZO.Com which is now DYN.com and paid the $25.00 per year for the service. Marked it up to our customers so we made a few dollars with no complaints about the cost for a "static" address. For the past year we switched to NO-Ip because of the "free" service. i guess it is true that you get what you pay for and now will have to deal with a hundred customers that are calling because they can't see their cameras. hope this gets resolved soon but seeing that its in federal court i doubt it.
  6. the honeywell cameras are about $110 on line marked up to $149 the recorder is about $450 online marked up to $699 the wire runs at $75 each are his labor. if he can't make any money why would he do the job? lets suppose he does have work comp and liabitly insurance. a truck and tools. who pays for that. do it your self or pay someone. his price seems very reasonable to me but then again i'm in the business to make money not as a hobby. i have nothing against DIY but if you can't do it pay a pro. i can do plumbing and electrical work in my house but i usually pay a pro to have it done right.
  7. Anyone can get a "bad out of the box" item from any supplier. if this is the first one, try it again. if it continues to happen then you have a problem. the question is. do you have a problem with the supplier or the product you recieved? Your post sounds like you didn't like the product. If you didn't contact the supply house, how would he know there was a problem with the nvr.
  8. might be a bandwidth problem. what kind of switch are you using? if you are just using a router it probably can't handle the mpbs.
  9. chaz

    Recording Off a Screen

    google vga to composite splitter and you will find a bunch of them. vga in - vga out with a split to composite ( which can be rca or bnc) sent to a dvr records everything on the computer screen
  10. I forgot to mention. Videofied is totally wireless and portable. wireless motion viewers reporting to a the control panel that reports to the central station via cellular or ip. you can move the motion viewers around the yard to protect different areas based on where trucks are parked. There is a monthly cost to the monitoring and cellular but again catching the bad guys is worth it.
  11. Camera systems are great for giving you video of what happened last night. you will be able to see a male wearing a hoodie and blue jeans but unless you have a suspect that someone recognizes good luck with apprehending the thieves. As an alternative you need to get the police there while the crime is occurring. Check on Videofied with a few of their motion viewer scattered around the yard where the batterys are being taken from. A local machine shop had 5 weeks in a row of someone emptying their recycling dumpster before the recycling truck came to pick it up. They figured each dumpster was worth 3K to them in recycling. I installed one Videofied motion viewer and the local police have arrested thieves on 5 separate occasions since the install. The Video is verified by the Central Station so when we dispatch the police know they get to arrest someone and isn't that why they took the job! Believe me, we have put in hundreds of video systems but the frustration of the customer to be able to see the crime occur but not be able to identify the person because of lighting, weather,distance or camera view is tough to deal with.
  12. The title of this post is "megapixel cameras - images and demos" the post has gotten off on a tangent discussing everything but images and demos. how about starting a new post?
  13. I've had the same problem with 2 and 3 MP Avigilon. In both cases putting in a faster switch cleared up the problem. If you have more than one camera on the switch try taking one or two off the switch and see if the problem goes away
  14. alarmcontracts.com Ken Kirschenbaum he has contracts that will cover what you are looking for.