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  1. I finally recovered my Digital Sprite 2 yesterday. I am now attempting to set it up so that the saved recordings can be sent to an FTP server weekly. My problem is that I cannot find an option in the menus to allow this. The setup guide does indicate that it can be done. Does anyone have any ideas on how this is accomplished? Thanks iceman84
  2. I had to replace the 80gb hard drive in my digital sprite2 today. I formatted the drive with my desktop setting the file system to fat32. When I installed it into the Sprite2 I get the message Disk Problem - may be wrong FAT. The message also tells me to log in with the monitor to reformat the drive. I connected my laptop via the serial interface to both of the serial interfaces on the sprite2. I get no response from either interface. I may have the wrong serial cable. My question at the moment is where can I get a sprite2 serial cable or the pin out for the interface?