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  1. From His Website http://www.networkcameracritic.com/?p=2617#comments Carl, Network Camera Critic- 1956 – 2015 by networkcameracritic It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you that Carl unexpectedly passed away this week. You have known him as the webs best go to security camera specialist. We knew him as a loving father, caring husband, and great mentor. This is a sad loss for the security camera industry. His reviews were the most thorough, unbiased and in-depth resource on the industries' most popular cameras. Carl had the most loyal followers, and this site brought him so much joy. Thank you for sharing this journey with Carl. Sincerely, Rebecca, Charlie, Nicole, and Dalton
  2. HTElectrical

    Help with running Hik 4MP camera wireless from 175'

    The customer is using a Netgear R6300 Smart WiFi Router AC1750. I have never used any of the Ubiquity equipment. If I understand this correctly I can put one of these http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004EGI3CI/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza at the garage, and connect to the router in the house, as long as the NETGEAR has a strong enough output. If it doesn't, then I will have to use 2. Correct?
  3. I need to install a 4MP Hikvision camera in a detached garage that is approximately 175' away from the residence. I would appreciate some recommendations for equipment that doesn't break the bank, but that will work dependably. Thank you in advance!!!!!!! I will be running the camera at the following settings: Video Quality: Highest Frame Rate: 15FPS Max. Bitrate 10,500 Kbps
  4. I would like to get recommendations on a 16 channel Hybrid DVR. Currently I had a Dahua DH-DVR1604HF-A-E installed, but it is locking up on the initial image for all 16 channels, and after about 5 minutes just reboots. Customer mentioned that he would like to add at least another 8 cameras, with 8 channels available for future expansion. I discussed possible options with the customer, and suggested the possibility of going with a Hybrid 16 channel DVR. Opinions? Should I just try and get the existing unit warrantied, and then go with a separate NVR or go with a single unit? Thanks in advance!!!!!
  5. I found another DVR of the same model for an exceptionally good price with a 3 year warranty, and then I am just going to go with a 16 channel NVR. What Hikvision NVR do you recommend?
  6. I am sure they would like to keep the analog, just installed. What about going with a 16 channel encoder, and then using a single 32 channel NVR? I am probably going to go with Hikvision IP so everything needs to be compatible.
  7. Yeah, but you are not a licensed installer/ Megapixel user.
  8. You need a camera with BLC.
  9. HTElectrical

    VCM-24VF Excessive noise

    I installed a VCM-24VF recently, and the daytime pictures are ok, but at night it is terrible. Here is a screen shot of the CNB and the next is of a Mintron™ Model 64G2DHN pointing the opposite direction. Both have similar amounts of light. What am I doing wrong? I tried adjusting the different settings, but this is rediculous. Specs for Mintron
  10. HTElectrical

    IP cams make cpu go to 99% usage

    It all matters what chipset you have on the MOBO like Rory said. You can technically change your chipset drivers, but it is a pain in the ass.
  11. HTElectrical

    Running RG59/U and 120v Linecord

    X2. You can not run low voltage wire/cable in the same conduit as high voltage or line voltage.
  12. HTElectrical

    Conventional IR VS While Light

    Exact quote from http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-white-light.htm U must be joking of course White light is visible White light is the name given to what the human eye sees when all the colors that make up the visible light spectrum are combined; the visible light spectrum is made up of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet light, and these colors combined make white lighting. When shined through a prism, white lights are broken into the separate colors of the visible light spectrum. Many people commonly refer to white light simply as "light" or "visible light," and it is this light that makes it possible to view one's surroundings. Several sources of white lights exist including the sun and stars, certain types of lightbulbs, and some lamps.
  13. From what I understand, the UK version of the CNB is different than the US version.
  14. HTElectrical

    mx-5303v manufacturer?

    No, a test monitor, as in a hand held used for focusing
  15. HTElectrical

    Powder Coating Shop. Anyone ever done?

    From what I know about powder coating, which isn't much, the powder doesn't adhere until it is heated up in the oven. Have you actually tested the adherence quality to glass, plastic from over spray?
  16. HTElectrical

    mx-5303v manufacturer?

    You wouldn't have to do all that if you used a remote monitor.
  17. HTElectrical

    Box Camera Video wiring

    I have one of those.
  18. That is if it isn't too dark, then mask not needed.
  19. They do, but you have to find out what frequency that the cable company is using. http://www.channelvision.com/images/stories/uploads/guide/Filters_And_DigitalCable.pdf That filter blocked out the Digital Phone service from Cox Communications, since that is the frequency they were using. If you can find a range that they are not using it will work, unless they change the used frequencies, which I understand they often do. Your best bet is to run a seperate video cable to each TV and switch video inputs. If that is not feasible, than the Channel Vision solution might work best for you.
  20. HTElectrical

    To sign or not...

    You should take out your camera and get a good picture of the driver, vehicle, and license plate and let him know that you have it. I doubt he will come back if he sees you take his picture.
  21. Yes, as long as you don't have digital cable. At least in my area it screwed with the digital phone service, so I had to split the lines going into the house. Luckily half of the TVs in the residence were only using basic cable, not Digital. The ones with digital cable would not work. Make sure what channels your modulator will broadcast on. Where are you located?