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  1. Hey Guys, Just purchased a Wren Solutions PVM Model PVM-10_-B-2082-RB from Ebay. Supposedly Brand new.From the onboard software it is a rebranded Vivotek EM8362 Unit and was configured for a Large Retailer.Can anyone shed some light on how i woulfd configure this unit for my own useage?Maybe Package Management software?There is also a tab on Vivotek licenses as well but i have looked at cant find any information online.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!!
  2. Hey Folks, I have a Hik system with around 20 cameras that are recording to a NVR and it is working brilliantly. On this same network i have a pc with IVMS-4200 being used as only a viewing station. I am using a Intel i3 1151 processor with 8gb of ram with a Geforce Video Card. The issue i am getting it with this PC. At first startup it works well, then after a 6 hours or so the video showing on the monitor seems to slow down, being behind real time by about 6-10 minutes. Sometime the program actually crashes. Has anyone had this issue before? I am at my wits end Ive already changed the PC and getting the same issue. Thanks!
  3. Hey Guys, I need help finding some NVR software. I have a camera installation with 40 Geovision IP cameras running geovision recording server. I have a main server and about 4 clients running. Currently as i said it is Geovision software but i personally find their software lacking. I currently would like to add on around 10 Hikvision cameras and change the software. For the server hardware it is a 20 drive hot swappable RAID server running an i7 processor with 16gb of RAM. Clients are i5 processors with 4gb of RAM. Budget for software is around $1000. Ive looked at Milestone and digital watchdog software which work well but the licensing fees are a bit more. Ive checked Luxriot which is much better in terms of price but it is a bit laggy but maybe thats because I dont have it setup as i should? Thanks!
  4. Yup, all the IP Addresses are correct. I just dont understand it. THanks for your help
  5. Hello, I am having some issues with a Hikvision DS-2CD2132-I dome camera. I can find it with the hikvision utility, however i cannot access it from a webpage. I would like to factory reset it but i cannot figure out how to do that either. Ive read on the forums about looking for a reset button on the camera but i cannot find one for the life of me. Can anyone shed any light? Thanks!
  6. Baje

    Need A Good Microphone

    The microphone is at the front door where people pay etc. All he is saying with regards to the phone issue is that if something as simple as a phone can do it there must be some sort of cctv microphone that should work just as good. He just wants it tied into the dvr system so it could be recorded.
  7. Hey guys, I have a client that operates a nightclub. He wants a microphone for the front door. Ive installed a "cheapy cheapy" one but with all the background noise its serving no purpose. Do you guy have any recommendations? He has also told me that there is a telephone at the front door that when left off of the hook works very good, i dont know if that helps in anyway... Thanks
  8. Damn, Here in Barbados for a basic analog system with install i charge about $500US A camera :\
  9. Wow, i didnt think it was that cpu intensive. For the analytics it wont be on all the time i dont think so it shouldnt be crucial. Just checked with geovision, they only support 32 channel. I need about 30-40. Solution would be to get another smaller one and just run both? Thanks
  10. Hello, I usually install Analog cameras but im branching out into the IP world. I was commissioned to install 35-50 cameras into a new retail store. What i need is the software to run these said cameras. My plan was to build my own RAID server and run server software for them. I would like software that can recognise preferably Dahua cameras because they are easily accessible to me. Also would like Motion Detection as well as smart search capabilities such as Object Missing Search capability (where after an object goes missing you can search back to when it was there, select it and it would tell me when it was taken). People counting and face detection would be a plus but not necessary. Id also prefer a software that cameras licenses wernt necessary. Can anyone point me in the correct direction? Thanks
  11. Baje

    HD-SDI Over IP

    That is precisely what im trying to accomplish....
  12. Baje

    HD-SDI Over IP

    Hello, I have a client that currently has all of their SD bnc cameras running on video servers and encoders to make them IP. My question is if there are HD servers/encoders available so that i can make the SD cameras now HD by just changing the cameras to hd-sdi . Any help or links to products would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. Hey Guys, I have a client with a rayvision dvr setup. He has a problem of the 1 or 2 times his business has been broken into the thief stole the dvr as well. He has asked me to setup a remote backup which i have done via the FTP feature which works. My problem is that it is too slow (at least 1 1/2 hrs) so it would never get the chance to backup the act in progress. Does anyone know of a solution? Or another DVR brand which would do this better? Or basically any solution? Thanks alot
  14. Hey Guys, Im doing a quote for an access control and security system for a 2 story clinic and need some advice on a good and reliable access control and security system. Any advice out there? The access control will only be for 1 or 2 doors with a magnetic lock and card access. System must also be able to access via pc for logs and setting up etc. The security system will have to be wired and consist of the normal door/window, PIR and glassbreak sensors. nothing too fancy. Any recommendations ? Thanks for your help