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  1. MarvinLamont

    Need help for a simple home system

    CCTV camera is the best choice for security purpose. It can capture clear image. There are many worries for business owner with the use of security camera we can protect our business.
  2. MarvinLamont

    CCTV camera recommendation

    I agree with brianparkes opinion.
  3. Outdoor Business CCTV Cameras are an excellent choice for providing video surveillance footage of your businesses entry doors, exit doors.
  4. MarvinLamont

    Wireless Cameras

    According to my opinion CCTV camera is best wireless security camera. It provide proper security.
  5. MarvinLamont

    CCTV dosn't work after dusk

    According to my opinion, you might be getting a voltage drop. Put a multimeter on the power cable at the camera end and see what the voltage is. Also maybe try supplying the power locally to see if it fixes the problem.
  6. MarvinLamont

    How to connect a CCTV Camera to a TV?

    Thanks for sharing this great information regarding to CCTV camera. I am completely convinced with these thoughts. I will stay in touch for more information.
  7. MarvinLamont

    Outdoor Security Still Camera

    In my opinion CCTV Cameras have become a very basic need for outdoor surveillance as well as indoors. Outdoor security camera ensures that it will hold up in harsh outdoor conditions.
  8. MarvinLamont

    Recommendations of a new CCTV camera.

    There should be a requirement for CCTV operations to undertake systematic and regular evaluations to re-assure public confidence in the transparency of their processes and their adherence to legislative requirements. It should be possible to create a template of performance indicators and measures to enable a national performance framework to create.
  9. MarvinLamont

    IP Cameras Pixord

    It features with high resolution SXGA enabled to capture the clear and best image quality. IP camera Pixord P500PoE is a fixed, indoor device with audio path and Poi option. It is use for real-time transmission of video and audio via computer network.
  10. MarvinLamont


    In my opinion, Night vision cameras have built in infrared LEDs around the lens, which come on automatically when it detects low light conditions. Infra red lights glow red once they are on and do not emit any light, which is visible to the human eye.
  11. MarvinLamont

    Hello Everybody

    I am new to this forum community, I am very glad to join this community and I want to share my ideas and knowledge resources with the forum members as well as keen to increase my information bank also. Thanks.