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  1. VictoriaG

    How to Tweak your PSS software

    the strange numbers that it adds it is DEVICE ID that PSS recognizes. You can see the rule {RECTYPE}_{Y4}{M2}{D2}{H2}{m2}{S2}_{DEVID}_{CHNIDX}.Dav
  2. VictoriaG

    Firmware for Dahua Dvrs

    Which model your DVR?
  3. VictoriaG

    Help Finding manufacturer of dvr

    I've tried to connect dahua units to their (qihan/ilink) software without success. Also tried to connect my unit to dahua software also without success. Here you can download my unit's manual http://www.anko-tech.com/upfiles/file/2011051245660020.pdf And here CMS http://www.anko-tech.com/upfiles/file/2011041565492144.rar Have you changed the software of dahua? I have PSS ver but i'm not satisfied. It's very messy and complicated.
  4. VictoriaG

    Help Finding manufacturer of dvr

    The Big Difference is encode ability,but both Dahua and that unit use hi3515 chip. That's chip ability 50FPS at d1 for all 4 channels (1st one 25fps at d1 and 2-4 is 6fps). This unit manufacturer made a trick that "gives" you 100FPS at d1. It took me lot of time to understand what was it. They add at decoding I-FRAME option of minimum 2 frames interval between i-frames. You cannot disable that option, so fps doubled. In Dahua DVRs I've never seen this option. They 4ch dvr based on 3515 also and have 50 fps at d1 as I mentioned. They 8ch based on 3520 chip and gives you full d1 (200fps at d1). Someone told me that Avermedia is manufacturer. Any suggestions?
  5. VictoriaG

    Help Finding manufacturer of dvr

    I've checked the TVT, but it's little bit different. Also it looks more like DAHUA DVR. Accidently I found this one http://www.anko-tech.com/en_index.html and AK-9424WR model has same specifications like my unit. I've downloaded their manual & CMS it's exactly the same. Rory, do you familiar to this manufacturer? I'm not sure that they are so popular (like DAHUA for example). Actually I never heard about this brand of DVR. If someone can provide another information about this brand (ANKO), I'll be greatful.
  6. VictoriaG

    Help Finding manufacturer of dvr

    SEANHANG is right there is no FCC Id, but it's very usefull site for me. That's how network software looks like. Rory thx for help.
  7. VictoriaG

    Help Finding manufacturer of dvr

    Thank you a lot. It will help me in a future too.
  8. I have this unit of dvr: http://www.ilinkpro.com/proddetail.asp?prod=iSDVR4HVN-L I know that qihan sells it and i.link but i'm pretty sure that they are not manufacturer of that unit. Is there someone knows who is manufacturer? It's very important to me. TNX.
  9. VictoriaG

    AVTECH AVC785 - recover remote password

    Removing battery won't help – it's not a PC's BIOS. If you have local access to the unit, you just need to go to the system menu and reset DVR to default factory setting. It will reset the username&password to web management.
  10. I have MDR751 and it works fine except of remote playback. I can playback records on DVR itself and I can see live video remotely (web&CMS(. I cannot playback records and of course I cannot download playbacks. I've installed codecs, players, quicktime, java, vlc. I found that avast blocking remote blaybacks. Is there something else that can prevent remote playback? P.S. The error is : Channel X : Playback Failed. Thx for help. I Forgot to mention that I'm trying to access playbacks on same LAN network.
  11. VictoriaG

    AVTECH KPD679B Reset Method ??

    As I know hard reset of AVTECH is same for most boards. It's should be TP6 and TP5 (in most boards it is located near sata connector). Can you post a close up picture of your board near sata connector/s?