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  1. You have a 16 way NVR with 16 ports of POE on the rear, as default is assumes the 16 cameras will all use those POE ports so you need to 'edit' a port and change it from 'Automatic' to 'manual' and enter the details for the appropriate IP camera you have in Building B. Thats the edit button but I cant find a pic oif the settings in there. But thats the place you need to be looking.
  2. You can batch upgrade camera firmware from the NVR itself. Have you not tried that?
  3. Shoot me if I'm wrong but I think a couple of models support ONVIF and Hik cameras, definately not 7200 but I think 7300 does.
  4. Apologies if I'm wrong, but I assumed /24 means subnet mask of ? But you have gateway and PCNVR on diffrent subnets (.2 and .1)
  5. Wouldn't you just forward everything to the PCNVR? I'd assume it supports streaming of its connected cameras. Also did you change the default ports PCNVR uses? As standard they are 80, 554 and 8000.
  6. Have you activated the cameras? Does the DS-7608 support 4mp? It only shows 5mp, 3mp and 2mp as supported resolutions.
  7. I'd expect port to be 554 more than 8000. However you could try RTSP main stream: rtsp://admin:12345@ Or rtsp://admin:12345@ Both work for me in VLC.
  8. If you can find one Hikvision make a HD encoder for HDMI inputs (and others). DS-6601HFHI
  9. There's a 'Batch updater' as part of the Hikvision tools program. http://www.hikvisioneurope.com/portal/index.php?dir=Software/00%20%20%20Software%20Tool%20Package/12%20%20%20Hikvision%20Tools%20Setup/
  10. Jibbeh

    rs-485 combined

    Are they the Hikvision 1003ki keyboard? I believe the 2nd keyboard ta and tb should be connected the the 1st keyboard ra and rb, or are they just wired all in parallel?
  11. Use their Client viewer ivms-4200, setup everything on 1 machine for all your cameras and then bring up the menu, choose 'System' and then 'Export system config file'. It will create a zip file you can then import on other machines. Afaik. Sorry can't help much with mobile phones.
  12. Is it possible to use digital zoom on remote playback? Believe it can be done while at the machine, but neither the web browser or iVMS appear to give you the option to use digital zoom during playback. Anyone know if it can be done?
  13. If your using local address you can only test it on the same wifi(not phone mobile data), and dont need anything to do with port forwarding. How did you assign the NVR its address, did you do it manually or by using DHCP? If manually are you sure it's on the correct range for the network your connected to? IF your trying to connect over the internet you need to use the Internet IP (not local IP) and setup port forwarding to the NVR (as said above). That said if it's a domestic site chances are you won't have a static Internet IP and would probably be best using Hik's DDNS. But first get it running using the broadband IP and then change it to HikDDNS.
  14. Fitted a few Hik NVR's but this is one thing they seem to be missing. Realise you can arm/disarm something by holding down the ESC key (tested on 9000 series) but as to what it actually arms im not sure. Ideally would like notification of movement or alarm input to be controlled by arm/disarm rather than by schedule. Anyone have any clues if its possible?
  15. Jibbeh

    Connecting from Rs-485 to Rs-232

    Are you sure thats 485 to 232 convertor and not 232 to 485 anyway? Used a few of them on some CCTV installs and they've all been 232 to 485. Never seen other way around.