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  1. problem solved thanks guys
  2. Hi guys, I have a customer with 4 geovision cards 16 cams on each totalling 64 cameras I took this contract over from another company. they performed this installation 4 years ago. two problems i have problem 1: old service provider did NOT provide me Admin or Super's password, option to reset password physically on DVR is greyed out. How can i reset this? Do I need to format and re-install windows as the registry fix http://www.worldeyecam.com/store/how-to-reset-a-password-geovision.html problem 2: old service provider did a horrible job with the wiring, cabling behind servers, now i have to order new VGA dungles or pigtails as the wiring is so mangled it gives horrible output. I have tested the cameras with my Axis tool and I know the cameras are ok. What else could be the problem ?
  3. intercam

    Hi there from Canada

    Hi there, I'm Shaun from Intercam Systems in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We Specialize in IP Cameras, and Analog systems. Working with GeoVision, Milestone, Aimetis and several other systems. anyways, you guys have a great site.