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  1. Hi I run into this ENC Series NVR by Watchnet. http://www.watchnetinc.com/dvr-system.asp It is quite good price. You get digital cameras and recording for the price of analog. I bought one, set it on my bench, and it worked great. So I sold so far five. All the customers were quite happy. However it looks, like they don't really sell at all the suppliers I have an access to. (Canada - Vancouver area). There was a sale last month, ENC-04POE NVR + 4 2-megapixel cameras + 1TB Hard drive for $1000.00 and they sold only few of them. That made me worrying, how good the equipment is. Is anyone using this brand and would like share his or her opinion?
  2. Pawel

    Foggy picture when IR is turned on

    This is not the vent. This is a dirty dome. I'm almost 100% sure, because I have the same problem with cameras of few of my customers. Right after the installation the picture was perfect, it got bad after some time, when the dust collected on the dome. The problem is, that I do not know how to clean it. The regular use of windex and soft tissue does not do any good, because the particles of the dust make a tiny scratches on the plexiglass when I try to wipe them away and that is enough for the IR light to diffract on them and bounce back to the camera. After wiping, the dome is practically not usable for night vision. I really do not know what is the solution to this problem.