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  1. I've had success putting OEM firmware on a HIK vision camera... can't say if the newer models will work but i'm using some of their older models that have been out a while.
  2. I'm curious what you guys all use on your iPads for walkthroughs? I currently use Notability as it allows me to take notes/pictures and it saves it all as a single PDF which I can than review/email later. Some folks I work with use Evernote, but i'm not a fan of their software or the fact that you have to pay for it (Notability syncs with dropbox). I use the dropbox iOS app so that it syns my iPad photos as well so I have a backup of the large images. What do you guys use during security walkthroughs?
  3. Anybody else having issues with the GeoVision IP cameras, constantly recording at night when its dark? We do a lot of interior IP cams, and im noticing in the dark, they recording constnatly due to the noise they pickup at night, since they can't see well in the dark. Causing non-stop recordings at night, eating up space.... any idea how to fix this?
  4. Adam Daley

    GV Cube cam - any way to disguise it? PIR Cover?

    You should be able to fit that in there. Its a pretty small camera, i have one at home.
  5. Adam Daley

    Trying to upgrade to 8.5.3

    Yeah just uninstall your old version, reboot, then install new version, reboot. Should work fine. I never touch drivers. I've gone fomr to 8.5 and to 8.5.3 without installing new drivers, no real need honestly.
  6. Adam Daley

    two PCI GV-800 16CH to 32CH

    All depends. I don't know your exact system specs but YES it will work. But it may fail/crash the system, lock up the system. I have a lot of problems running dual PCI cards. I like to run 1 PCI and 1 PCI-Express, much more compatible. I have though built MANY 2xPCI systems, but again, it all depends on the motherboard. Im using an Asus Mobo now and i3/i7 CPU's (1155), SandyBridge, and I need to use 1 PCI express and 1 PCI. I tend to use 2xPCI-Express and have rock solid performance. I also have good performance with 1 PCI and 1 PCI -Exress but since I can support dual PCI-Express, i go that route. I've also had good luck lately with the newer B version cards, not that you picked those up for $100. But $100 for a GV-800-16 I dunno... that sounds fishy. That's WAYYYYYYYYYYYY below what they should cost, im talking WAY below, you sure you didnt end up with counterfeit cards?
  7. Adam Daley

    GeoVision LPR Backups

    NY here. Am I happy, not really. Then again its not exactly on the same price level as the high-quality stuff. It KINDA works. You really need the LPR camera aimed dead on with GeoVision. I mean it works if you need it to keep track of vehicles coming/going but you don't need rock solid results. We get a lot of false readings picking up company lettering/etc... When it does capture plates its not bad. The recognition works decently. Im not as thrilled as I'd like to be though, really wish they'd put more work into their software. Its also a pain to configure, way too much fine tuning. We spent hours/days driving around in circles trying to get it right, to the point where it worked great on our test vehicle... but then a truck/car that was different would come through, and it wouldnt pick up. As for backup, i ended up copying the entire directory which seemed to do the trick.
  8. When you try and access the cameras webpage, do you see the title bar change to something about GeoVision? If so that tells me its seeing the camera. I used to have a lot of issues accessing IP devices, where it would never load to the login page. GeoVision of course couldnt figure out the issue. Try from another machine, see if it works. But if the title bar doesnt even show GeoVision then theres another issue. I forget how to reset them. I think you power it on and then hold the reset button for about 60 seconds
  9. Adam Daley

    GV-NVR - IPCAM install "Catastrophic Failure"

    GeoVision tech support baffled??? Noooo really? (rolls eyes). I find that i usually start up a chat session with them just to blow off steam, and fix it myself. Theres a few good eggs there who will look into an issue (Chee for example), but some of them, especially this one girl, are about as usefull as asking SIRI for help... Anyway, yeah windows 7 is prolly your best bet if it solved your issues. Im still using Windows XP in my ghost images too... REALLY need to upgrade one of these days but im lazy and just like what i know works... but im getting hit with memory liimts and HD size limits lately so i really should start doing this. Maybe Friday I will since i may have time, hasta be done.
  10. Adam Daley

    Control Center will not connect to DVR

    You remembered to turn on the service on the DVR itself right? The DVR itself has the control center service that has to run that connects to the Control Center server itself... its a little thing but its usually forgotten about...
  11. Adam Daley

    Geovision GV-NET Card

    Not here... all I can think of is maybe your cable isnt working in the cold... I try and get my guys to use an 18/2 cable, but most of the time they ran a cat5 cable. We're not using outdoor cat5 cable as the cables not outside really. We have a hole behind the PTZ mount and the cable goes out the wall, directly into ptz housing. For those cases where theres a covered cable that goes above/below the camera, its protected in a plastic housing. So my question is what kind of cable did you use for the 485 and is it outside?
  12. Adam Daley

    GeoVision LPR Backups

    Question... anybody know how to backup the LPR settings when using the GeoVision LPR software? I have to replace a client's hard drive. I've backed up the main GeoVision system but im not sure if that backed up the LPR software settings. It'll take me a whole day to fine tune the settings/colors/etc... we did with the current LPR setup.
  13. Adam Daley

    Not full Screen?

    Yeah what rory said.... also keep in mind even if you increase the recorded resolution it may not show up full screen. If your monitor resolution is say 1024x768 and the image is only 320x240 or 640x480 it will show that size... you can still zoom in,m but its not going to pixalate it by zooming in by default, its going to show it AS recorded.
  14. Adam Daley

    keyscan trouble

    I was going to suggest calling Keyscan, great tech support. Also just for future reference, in keyscan panels, make sure you power up your netcom boards. They may light up without power, but they DO require power. Also a good tip is to swipe a card and the panel will actually flash the bit type, look in manual for that info where it describes which leds to look for, very helpful.
  15. Adam Daley

    Topaz Client

    Yeah welcome to my world. I'm a Topaz dealer and they are making me buy it. I need the newer software so that it works under Windows 7, since everybody is switching to Win7. They are making me buy it. I've refused to so far. I shouldnt have to pay for the upgrade.