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  1. Trust me ive tried pushing the idea of an upgrade an the dvd recorders were their idea of a cheap compromise, thing is the people who sign off on this A. dont realize that decent equipment will pay for itself an B. the majority of them have never worked in LP anyway.
  2. Money is going to be the biggest limitation the 3 dvd recorders they bought us were only 130 a piece... I imagine they wouldnt want to go over 200 which probably isnt enough for a dvr but anyway I have 48 cameras running to a single location via coax cable, right now its split to 3 different monitors each having its own multiplexer and vcr... and we need to retain video for 30 days
  3. Yeah I test recorded a 2 min clip an could only get it to playback by bypassing the multiplexer which of course it played back all in a single frame cycling through all the camera shots... you wouldnt happen to have a suggestion on any dvrs would you?
  4. We dicided that changing the dvds 3 times a would be acceptable, but I was starting to doubt if the swap was plausible
  5. Hi I work in loss prevention an we were runnin a sony SVT-RA40 time lapse vcr to a checkpoint CKP-16CD multiplexer then we have two OANZ CTR-024N-2 time lapse vcrs, one of which is connected to another ckp-16cd an the other to an MV96p Multivision Pro multiplexer. Now our regional manager was nice enough to buy us DVD recorders to replace our VCRs because playback on the tape was almost impossible after the tapes got cycled through once, I tried replacing the sony vcr today assuming itd be plug in and go type of situation. Mind you im in an entry level position with no cctv training what know is what ive learned by doing so my question/s is (finally) can this swap be made and if so how?