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  1. Chaps. I replaced my ageing AVtech dvr last weekend for a more up to date system, with higher res camears etc. An ebay special 'GoVision GV3008H', i'm guessing it's a chinese clone of something else. I'm having problems getting pre record on motion detect to work. With a 20 second pre-record configured, if I create a masked area, and step inside the mask, then motion detect is triggered, and recording starts, but it only starts from the point at which is was triggered. In effect, when played back, I appear from nowhere. If I'm outside the mask, I can hang about there all day long, and nothing is recorded, step over the line, recording starts. So I know that the mask is working is intended. So either the DVR is not pre-recording, or if it is, then it doesn't play this portion back. Does anyone have any experience with this system or can offer any advice.
  2. keat63

    GoVision GV3008H - no pre-record.

    record config and alarm config for Ch3
  3. keat63

    GoVision GV3008H - no pre-record.

    I have record set to motion, and I have to utilse motion alarm otherwise, i've nothing to search against. Playback search options are . i/o input alarm input regular manual
  4. keat63

    GoVision GV3008H - no pre-record.

    It didn't take me long to figure that it was a play on something else. Funny how GeoVision manufacture a GV3008. I think I've identified it to: http://www.xiongmaitech.com/en/ I know it's cheap, this is why I bought it, but then so was my old AVTech which has served me well for going on 10 years. It does everything I need it to do, other than the pre-record issue. Maybe I'll try reducing the threshold instead of keep increasing it.
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    Advice : temp replacement CCTV DVR

    If it's appraching 5 years or older, then my bet is the Hard drive has failed. I'm not familiar with the unit in question, does it have a LED on the front to indicate that it's recording ?
  6. keat63

    help for update

    I went to look at a HIKVision for a friend last week where the HDD would just drop out for no reason. The DVR would record for 3 or 4 hours, then the HDD just dissapears. Reboot the DVR and it would come back for a few hours more. I tried 3 other HDD's in the DVR, and when none of them were recognised at all, i knew there was something else going on. It turned out, that whoever installed the system, had fitted a splitter cable on the DVR PSU to power an IP camera. Once I removed the splitter and had the power supply feed only the DVR, it's been fine since.
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    Help!!! avtech kpd674b remote viewing

    if you already have a dynamic dns service, the the address you connect to with eagle eyes is your DYDNS address [plus the port number. eg myip.dydns.org:88 or whatever your port number is. Personally, I'd move away from port 80, this caused me problems and was fixed using port 5555. Incidentally, if your'e using eagle eyes on the iphone, you'll need to create two entries. One for when you are at home connected to wifi and on the same network as the dvr, connecting usuing your internal I.P (usually 192.168.x.x) and the entry second for when you are accessing remotely and connecting via the dydns address.
  8. Unless you have a static IP from your ISP, then your external IP will change regularly, so firstly you'll require either a static IP, or a Dynamic DNS account (noip.org is good). If you can access the DVR from inside your house/network, then you have the basics covered. The next step is to reconfigure the port number on the DVR. I had loads of problems using port 80, so I picked a random number (5555), and it made things better. You'll also need to reconfigure your router and create a port forwarding rule. You'll need to point this port to the same one as your DVR. What router do you have ?? Basically, the way it works is as follows. From outside of your network, you'll connect to your ISP allocated IP:5555. Which is your router. Your router than translates this to the DVR based on the port forwarder. Another way would be to add your router into a DMZ (if this is possible with your router). This makes it easier in the respect that your DVR can have any port number, and you don't need a forwarder rule.
  9. Guys. I've just this week replaced my PC/Server solution, with an Avtech KPD674, which I'm quite happy with. It appears to be functioning correctly, and I can access it remotely. However, Iphone push notifications would be good. From what I can make out, this may be possible on later firmware revisions ?? I'm currently on 1012-1003-1007-1002. Which is the most upto date FW revision, and would it give me the push notifications. Are there any benefits to updating ? Regards Keat
  10. keat63

    Static IP for the outside world?

    no-ip.com offer free DDNS forwarding. Create a no-ip account, choose a domain name that you like. Make a note of your account details. Then in the DVR configure DDNS to point to the no-ip account, using the account details as above. In your router admin, configure DMZ if available, (easiest option) and add the internal I.P of your DVR into the DMZ. If not, then you may have to configure port forwarding, which isn't too difficult, but DMZ is easier. Once this is all set up, you should be able to connect externally using your domain name:port number. ie http://mydvr.no-ip.org:80 Just be aware though, that you'll probably be unable to connect to this external url, from inside your own lan, so you'll require the assistance of a buddy or a smart phone 3g connection to prove it works.
  11. And are you confident that you have the correct IP address, Port number and user account. I'm not familiar with this DVR, can you access it from the front panel. If so, are there any login restrictions that might require configuring, ie login times etc.
  12. Guys. Any thoughts. If I view my DVR via Eagleeyes Iphone App, I can see live view and I can playback action alerts. I can go back days, and still play back. However, through PC Web Browser and PC VideoViewer app, I can only do live view. Web Browser shows alerts, but i get an error "Unable to playbcak Channel" In Video Viewer, I see no events at all. I'm guessing it's down to firewall ports ??
  13. keat63

    Struggling with Remote playback

    considering, I have nothing else to do this evening, I installed my netgear router. Added the DVR to DMZ but it's still the same.
  14. keat63

    Struggling with Remote playback

    I'm not entirely convinced that it's fiewall related. This evening, I disabled the firewall on my router, I then attached to my work PC remotely, and am still unable to play back recorded video. I'll pop my old netgear router on tomorrow, and see what happens.
  15. keat63

    H.264 Freezing

    On my Avtech DVR, the format option is only available when I access the config menu system from the unit itself. Can't remember where exactly, but it's easy enough to find. I have no facility to reformat when accessing it remotely or via web browser.
  16. keat63

    Struggling with Remote playback

    I've always had netgear routers in the past, but the wireless on this TalkTalk one is far superior. I believe that my DVR is now in a DMZ, but I may have a look at reconfiguring the TalkTalk firewall, as this is a radio button option on mine.
  17. keat63

    Foggy picture when IR is turned on

    Appologies for the late reply, i've only just joined this forum. Did you resolve your issue as I've had the same problem with two of mine. The fix involves a stip down i'm afraid. Remove the front glass screen and clean with glass cleaner, along with the front of the actual lens. If it's still no better, then the next thing is a little trickier which involves removing the lens from the camera, and cleaning the rear of the lens. You'll need some assitance to check the focus when re-assembling This has worked for me a number of times.
  18. keat63

    H.264 Freezing

    Have you considered re-formatting the drive. Of course you'll lose what ever it is you were trying to play back.
  19. keat63

    Struggling with Remote playback

    Maybe this is an IE thing, as it's working (in a fashion) with Firefox. VLC crashes, but the Quicktime plugin works. Won't have any of it with Internet Explorer 8 though.
  20. Do you know what port its trying to connect to, if so, try the following http://I.P Address of the DVR:Port number eg http:
  21. Eh.. I'm having the same issues with an Avtech KPD674. Works fine on my local lan, but won't work remotely.
  22. keat63

    AverMedia EH5108+ networking issues

    You could always try a crossover lan cable between the DVR and your laptop (assuming you have a laptop) Change your laptop's I.P to the same range as that of the DVR. If you can view it now, then it has to be an issue on thier network. Knowing how these large corporates operate, I wouldn't be surprised if the network isn't locked down. At least if you can prove it works with a cross over, then you can pass it back to thier networks team.
  23. keat63

    Struggling with Remote playback

    If your'e in the UK, then you'll be familiar with the company TalkTalk (Formerly Tiscali). If not, then let me try to explain in about 5 words. Technical support, Dont make me laugh.
  24. keat63

    Help Finding manufacturer of dvr

    I did say... maybe
  25. keat63

    Struggling with Remote playback

    The router is Huawei HG532, provided by my ISP. Last night, I manually edited the config file to point DMZ to the DVR. I assume that this is now working, as I can still access the DVR remotely, even with no forwarding rules configured. However, I'm still unable to playback recorded material.