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  1. Hi you can find much cheaper than edigital his stuff is out of date


    And as far as better than forums take no notice.


    Since you already have some IP cameras then I don't see the point in wasting that money and look for a NVR which will take your existing and add something like axis to.


    Edigital can provide you with anything you want. They have far more than what's on their web site. Have you ever done business with them? What about "price matching" is confusing to you?

  2. Good evening!


    I want to invest some time and money into a new surveillance system for our home. Consider me a consumer, and one that went against his own better judgement and bought a costco 4 channel 1080p NVR system by Lorex. After collecting dust for 6 months I finally installed it, and soon after - was having problems and multiple occasions.


    The cameras are hardwired in - and the system is a set it / forget it kinda thing for me until something catches my eye to view the footage. Thats when I find cameras have not recorded motion when they should have, and become disconnected by themselves.


    Anyways - I would like to spend 800-1,500 on a 4 camera system. My preference would be a set up, where my office computer is the control center with a external dedicated hard drive - but might be easier to have a self running "box" and I just tap into that box from my office computer and make changes so forth.


    I have done my best (but I'm eager) to educate myself quickly on brands and what to look for etc. Price range could be the Hikvision to Axis brand. One thought I had, was to have 1 or 2 quality cameras, such as PTZ controlled which can follow a "suspect" automatically? And the other cameras could be a 2mp bullet type just for overall view.


    Below is a link to one of the cameras which WAS working and DID record an incident at our house - this might give a gauge on the improvements some of your suggestions will make.




    some of you deal with these systems all the time - and pricing / budget comes more intuitively to you than me finding a mass amount of suppliers / scales of prices for similar products (overwhelming). So before I spend money on cameras which fool the uneducated consumer (drawn to high MP rating rather than senor quality etc.) I'd like some input for you!


    I've had great results from dealing with this organization.




    I have spoken to tech support many times who were willing to share their knowledge and recommendations. I first picked out something that would have cost me more then I needed to spend and they directed me to a much better deal. They promise price matching to boot. Billy is happy to call me and speak for hours to make sure I'm happy. I've never dealt with anyone more helpful.


    You are for sure going to get faster results than any forum I have ever posted to about anything. The only down side is they are on the left coast and I'm in New England.


    Good luck.



  3. Thank you Al Drake, Oguruma, and Tomcctv, for giving me good advice. I knew a flood light might help with the visual camera but I read it doesn't help with the dual thermal/visual camera they have put in. This neighbor has had camera's for years but these new thermal/visual cameras are kind of unusual. From what I've seen they cost thousands of dollars each and they are able to see for blocks, right through trees and bushes. That's why I called the neighbor paranoid, I don't know what he scared of. Since everyone seems to want to know why I don't talk to the neighbor: About 5 years ago I filled an insurance claim for my brick garden wall and a lath structure that are undercut due to soil grading my neighbor did to make a level RV parking pad on his side opposite the wall. The neighbor shirked responsibility for the damage that resulted on my side. My insurance company filled against his insurance company, neither company settled or paid anything. I've heard thermal camera's can't see through glass. I can't afford glass, and the city doesn't allow a higher fence, but I'm thinking of still trying to install something above the fence, do any of you think corrugated fiberglass panels would work?


    How do you know the cameras are thermal? Can you tell by looking at them? I just googled them and find there are some cheap ones available. I also searched for how to block them.


    Here's an interesting article.



    "A simple and effective method to block IR is an ordinary ‘space blanket’ or thermal blanket of Mylar foil. The foil will block the IR heat signature behind it."


    I actually have several of these blankets I use to block sun rays from entering to aid in cooling.


    Here's some you can use for the inside of your fence.




    I don't know how you'd be able to attach anything above your fence. You might have some ideas of your own. I know there is some cheaper thinner metal material.


    My wife used to work at this place where they have some as thin as paper.




    Good luck.



  4. Fighting back with pointing spot lights onto another's property is illegal in most states



    You may be right. I have been reading more about neighbors fighting over lights than cameras. Some of the posts are actually interesting and funny.





    I'm glad we have a well balanced neighborhood where everyone gets along fine. To fine actually.

  5. I guess the main problem here is that you dont have a concept of consequences and they dont come into your thinking. I encounter this stuff all the time so dont tell me it doesn't happen. As the old saying goes " you can lead a man to knowledge but you cant make him learn"

    I am finished on the topic but I hope the OP will see common sense.



    "I hope the OP will see common sense"


    That has always been my main assertion.

  6. The previous scenario I laid out is not so far fetched as you seem to believe and indeed most neighbour disputes develop along those lines. I made it simple for you to understand. I shall simplify it further.

    There are cameras pointed at his house & he's not happy. He doesn't know what the cameras are actually showing and for that matter doesn't even know if the cameras are working. He wont take the normal first step of discussing his concerns but instead turns to the internet for advice about what to do.

    If this develops to the extent of legal action taking place ( & the chances of that is at least 50% if he follows your advice) I can picture the judge saying - " so you were unhappy with the cameras pointing at your patio but decided not to discuss the matter with your neighbour. Instead you mounted floodlights pointing at his house on the advice of your internet friend Al Drake. How did you think this was going to solve your problem ?"


    Everyone in that coutroom will be rolling around on the floor pissing themselves



    You seem to enjoy making up stories that fit your narrative. However you know nothing of what has been already discussed between the parties involved and decide to fantasize. Good luck with that. I hope you find yourself amusing although nothing is in any way based on facts. Perhaps that's why you need to make up stuff. I guess I should have known where this was headed when you conflated my lights to "lasers" then went on to drugs and guns. Now you seem to want to bring this made up story into Judge Judy's where the audience gets to interact. What I do find rather sad is I think you actually believe all this is somehow reality. Your drama about a simple solution involving the placement of lighting on someone's back porch has been used and tested for decades as a way to compromise video and pictures. To bad you lack that understanding.

  7. The OP has NOT indicated he was only interested in technical advice. Indeed he has specifically stated "ANY advice appreciated" For you to think the first step in resolving this issue is to shine bright lights back at the neighbours house is lunacy. Surely you can see how this "might" pan out.

    Neighbour 1 - That guy next door seems to get a lot of sus people meeting on his back patio , I think they are dealing drugs. I'll turn a couple of cameras that way just in case.

    Neighbour 2 - That guy next door has aimed a couple of cameras at my patio. I could go ask him to move them but I wont. What I'll do is shine some torches back at his house - that will show him.

    Neighbour 1 - What is that dickhead doing shineing lights at my place 24 hr a day. Maybe a couple of loads of dog turds over the fence will show him I'm not happy.

    Neighbour 2 - That moron next door is throwing all his dogshiit over the fence. A flat tyre or two will show him not to mess with me.

    Neighbour 1 - I know it was aasshole next door that slashed my tyres. Lets see what a screwdriver will do to the duco on his car.


    AND on and on it goes - not an unreasonable possible escalation


    OR it could go like this-


    neighbour 1 - something odd about that guy next door & all his dropkick mates. He cant even manage a hello when you see him. Wouldn't be surprised if they are dealing drugs. I think I'll turn a couple of cameras that way just in case.

    neighbour 2 - Never particularly liked that guy next door , he seems a bit weird and now he has a couple of cameras pointed at my back patio. I'll swallow my pride and go front him about it

    neighbour 1 - (feeling a bit sheepish about being confronted) Ah well they are not really to watch your place. I could probably adjust them a bit so they dont see your patio so much but I still want them to see that area of my yard. I'll see what I can do & get you over to take a look to ease your concerns.

    neighbour 2 - great stuff - thanks for that. Having my mates over for a BBQ next Sunday. We get together & talk football , why dont you come over.


    Now the thing is that it might not go like the second scenario but I think that initially the opportunity should be approached because it is certainly the better outcome. To advise such a provocative response as shining lights back at the neighbour before ANY other response would be a bigger problem than the problem. If it got to legal proceedings the lawers would have a field day.


    You have quite an imagination. Nothing like any of that would ever happen in any neighborhood I've ever lived in. The closest comparison would be a few years back when some of the boys in the hood would gather at the edge of the woods to do their puffin'. You could smell it for quite a distance according to a few people we talked to. Either they didn't see my cameras or didn't care as it was dark and they were hard to spot. I added a few flood lights pointed in their direction and they disappeared.


    If I lived in a place like you describe I would have moved long ago. Occasionally we can hear gun fire but we all know it's some hunters quite away off.


    The way I understood the OP was he wasn't interested in communicating the details of his past encounters with this neighbor. If I had a neighbor who I didn't feel like confronting again I do exactly what I suggested. Let me repeat just to clear things up. I feel a flood light pointed away from an area where I wanted privacy towards cameras would be all it takes to overexpose any night vision capabilities. If someone wants to aim a camera directly at my back yard I don't see how a light in return is out of line. I might be ready for his next response but would not I expect an introduction of guns? But like I said, maybe you have had experience in those scenarios. I don't think my lights are the "lunacy" here. I see your made up story as the one that's over the top. I don't see how any of your delusions would "pan out" in any place I know of but on some TV show. I have my surveillance system installed thinking maybe I might capture a bear or other wildlife. None of which would be carrying a gun or drugs. I was the first to have cameras visible which has caught on as the guy across the street showed be his new one on his iPhone app.

  8. Bright narrow beam light = laser by most peoples definition.

    I will repeat myself by saying I have seen hundreds of cases like this ( probably close to a hundred per year ) and it never fails to amaze me that the easiest and most logical first step is not taken. You admit you haven't talked to him.TALK TO HIM ABOUT YOUR CONCERNS. If you get no satisfaction then look at alternatives.

    I'm sure your neighbour didn't just wake up one morning and decide to see if he could pss off tja.


    @ Al Drake if you cant see how these things escalate to a war-like nature then you need to think again. Both sides have a storey and both sides believe they have a grievence and both sides believe they are in the right and both sides believe they are being provoked and so on and so on. Have a look at the mass shootings in USA and you will discover that it is usually trivial things behind the motivation


    The OP clearly indicated he was not interested in anything beyond "technical" advice. I, for one, respect that and moved on to what his question was about. With the information given considering there is a "past" that goes back to when cameras were not involved I decided to get right to the point. I think the first step has already occurred.


    If I had meant "laser" I would have suggested a "laser". I think what I had was more in line with a flashlight type of bulb. Either way I would hope the adults would prevent things from escalating into a "war". I feel that repeated psychoanalysis is unwelcome. That's why I provided a link regarding privacy. Perhaps a bit of over thinking might have lead you to interpret "laser" with all the related negativity lately. I wouldn't think of carrying one if I had no explanation of my needs. There's a major airport the next town over.


    Maybe in your line of work you are exposed to a totally different set of circumstances. Maybe I've been lucky but camera rage would be the last thing on my mind. I can't say that I have ever heard of any such event and would never conflate such an atmosphere with what I consider an extreme. The last thing on my mind is a "mass shooting" but then again I try to avoid watching to much TeeVee.

  9. Yep , shooting laser pointers back at his house is bound to ease the neighbour tensions. I've seen hundreds of cases like this and it is never about reconciliation but always about winning the war. Hope neither party has any firearms.




    Who mentioned lasers? A bright light is all it takes to washout video. I am taking the poster at his word about his concerns and don't think it's my business if there are or are not paths to reconciliation. I make no assumptions and would never suggest guns as a solution for anything posted on THIS forum. Furthermore I would never compare anything here with a "war" of any kind.


    See below:




    While there are several statutes that protect an individual's privacy, most do not appear to apply to this situation. The one statute that may apply is CGS § 53a-189a. Under this law, a person is guilty of voyeurism when he or she, with malice, knowingly photographs, films, videotapes, or otherwise records the image of another person (1) without that person's knowledge and consent, (2) while that person is not in plain view, and (3) under circumstances where that person has a reasonable expectation of privacy. (The law also covers sexual voyeurism, which does not appear to apply in this situation.) The surveillance of the constituent's front door and deck does not appear to meet these criteria since these areas are most likely in plain view and the constituent would not have a reasonable expectation of privacy there. On the other hand, the surveillance of the constituent's back yard may meet these criteria if the other sides of the constituent's yard are fenced and the yard is not open to view, although the legislative history of this provision focused on filming people in their homes. Voyeurism is a class D felony, punishable by imprisonment for one to five years, a fine of up to $5,000, or both.

  10. My neighbor has installed a new type of camera with dual thermal imaging and video imaging. I understand these cameras have longer vision and can see through hedges and trees. He has two of these cameras pointed directly toward my house. One on my front yard and another on my back yard. When I go out to get the newspaper their camera sets-off some sort of silent alarm and I see them coming to the windows to check what's wrong. When I'm on my back patio the same thing happens, even though there are bushes and trees. My experience with CCTV is limited to setting up a Samsung Smartcam to monitor my fish pond. I don't know if the neighbor is just generally paranoid or is worried about me, but it's freaky; I don't feel like I can have friends over on my patio. Is there anything I can do to get some privacy in my own yard? I can't raise the fence, it's already the maximum height my city will allow. I've found playing a radio on the patio when I'm outside helps with the listening but what can be done for the camera's? I appreciate any help. Thanks


    One thing that can be done is install a bright narrow beam high wattage light directed at each camera(s).


    It's usually illegal to record audio, you'd have to check local bylaws, and hard to prove unless you think of some creative way to set him up.


    Good luck. I have paranoid neighbors that object to my cameras but I could give a rat's A$$. When their kids give up smoking that weed out back I'd feel better myself.


  11. CS is how a whole lens mounts on the camera, the 37mm etc is a filter thread, which has no active parts or can be used to put a crude macro or fisheye lens onto the end of an existing lens.


    If such an adapter existed you would just get a solid blur like with no lens on the camera as there would be nothing to focus an image on the sensor. I have not seen a thread on the end of any CCTV lenses for a filter yet, but I have not looked at that many of them.


    Hello and thanks for your reply.


    It seems what I'm looking for is a lens adapter ring that screws into where the usual lens goes. I purchased this:




    Which works fine then I got this:




    Thinking it would mount the same as it says it's a CS mount but the threads are not the same as the others so I'm confused. I'm trying to build my own camera using lenses and filters I can buy and have from a camcorder. I'm just experimenting for now and I know I'll have to make an enclosure but I can't figure out what I need to purchase for lenses.


    I was successful with adding lenses to the camcorder by just using adapter rings.

  12. Quick question -

    iv purchased several replacement IR leds for cameras that im goin to build housing for and install as extra IR lights. iv been experimenting with different household items as reflectors and defuses.

    eg- frosted plastics , tinted/frosted glass, various cheap torch reflectors, the dogs water bow, jars, pretty much anything and everything!


    iv heard IR reflectors need to be made of metal? not glass as it dosnt reflect very well?

    is this true?

    has anyone made or modified IR lights?

    wanna share some ideas or post some pics?


    any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

    at the moment iv rigged up my spare cameras with power supplies any just ducted tapped em ware ever just seeing what i can achieve. hahah

    think my neighbors think im goin crazy!! iv spent last 3 nights playing out the front under moon light hahah



    How about a tin foil hat? I'm having a yard sale.


    Mirrors are made of Glass and seem to reflect everything that is sees.

    Maybe a glass lens might magnify the light.


    I just Googled DYI infrared lighting and was entertained for quite some time.



  13. outdoor camera? it can not be found in Ebay ?

    yes because ebay is the place to go for a quality camera..lol Stop promoting bad ideas.

    5ghz is a bad idea for outdoors, it doesnt penetrate walls well. Wire up the camera properly, use powerline adapters, or if you are all set on wifi, use a wireless bridge.



    I use this combo that works well.




    This on two other cameras where I don't have the room to run cables.



  14. Does anyone know if there is a way of defaulting a GYYR DVMS 1600 (Silent Witness) back to factory settings without sending unit back? Took it on trade in and don't have password. Also Lanex NetDVR SE needs defaulted. Thanks



    Is it in the manual?






    Yes, defaulting the DVR is the manual. BUT, you need the password to get into settings to do the default.

    Since I don't have password looking for way to default password.



    Apparently from what I find you need to contact Tech support where there is a charge.



  15. Stop replacing them with Swann cameras


    haha, What is the general consensus on Swann cameras?


    Any other recommended affordable(comparably) products to use instead?


    Have you considered using an uninterrupted power source? (UPS)


    What are you doing with the cameras that don't seem to work any more? Have you tested them in any way other than having them connected to the DVR?


    Chucking them in the garage, have done no other testing other than trying them in other ports on the DVR, giving them a smack and a shake etc.

    Was interested in hearing if there was some other tests one can perform to identify the problem.

    Ie. open it up and check circuitry or something



    The first thing I would do is connect them to a monitor and see what the image looks like. Maybe tap one and see if anything changes. Take one apart and look at the wires to see if there's any discoloration. Blow out with air can. Scratch my head. Have a beer. Repeat until everything is blurry.

  16. The Uniden Media Player is absolute crap. Total garbage. Probably ok 20 years ago. Not user friendly in any sense of the word.


    How would one use a camcorder to play the .SNX files ???


    Well, first you'd need to capture the video on the Camcorder by recording directly from the screen. I've used relatively small monitors which seem to work better than larger ones. It's crude but it works in a pinch and worth a try and decide if the final product is acceptable.

  17. CS to 37 MM??? I am not sure that would work.


    You may be right. What I'm looking for a ring that has the CS style threads on one end and 37mm internal threads on the other. I can at least replaced the CS lenses with 37mm lenses I use on a camcorder. Then I can add whatever filter I need to the added lens.

  18. I want to add filters and perhaps telephoto lenses to a camera and need lens adapters. These particular filters are polarizing and others I have for camcorders and are 37mm threads. I also have larger ones but I thought I'd try the smaller ones for testing the effects. I have been searching for ring adapters CS to 37mm but have come up empty. Has anyone ever toyed with this idea and if so have a source of rings?


    Thank for any suggestions.



  19. Guys I have a vacation rental home that I rent out on a weekly basis. I have a hidden camera that overlooks my dock and my boat. Do I have to make public to my renters that I have this camera in place?

    From what I have read is you must make everyone aware if the camera is in a spot that is deemed a reasonable right to privacy. I do not consider an outdoor camera affording a reasonable right to privacy, as any of the close neighbors can see the same thing I am looking at. At the same time I can not help but see some of the tenants using the area the cam covers. What are your thoughts?


    Having read this post I am reminded that I also am interested in this topic. Try Google as there seems to be more articles that I can read on short time.


    Good luck.



  20. Currently have a Qsee system which doesn't work, and customer service never picks up. I'm looking to upgrade to 8cam system, possibly 16ch HD 1080 or 720 system. What system would you guys recommend?


    I am going to recommend the same exact setup I use for my customers:


    DVR: KT&C HD-TVI full HD, 8 Channel would run you for $170

    4TB surveillance grade Western Digital PURPLE: $165

    KT&C KEZ-c2TR28V12XIR 0.01 Lux HD-TVI Full HD Camera: $110 x 8 = 880 (http://www.ktncusa.com/_media/KEZ-c2TR28V12XIR_vs1.2.pdf) Absolutely the best picture I have ever seen day and night, and supports 2.8mm to 12mm manual zoom (have to use a handy monitor or view via smartphone iVMS-4500 remote client while adjusting)

    10 A 8CH Distribution Box = $50

    50 feet premade coaxial cables at $12 each or 500 feet RG-59 coaxial cables at $50 each.

    Total, not including the cables is = $1,215


    I know its a little over your budget, but this is the setup I can personally recommend to you after testing out different models of HD-TVI cameras and not being satisfied with the resulting image quality particularly at night, but with the KT&C KEZ-c2TR28V12XIR I and everyone I have installed that camera is super happy with the image quality, however as you can see, its not really a "cheap" camera in terms of price.


    Warning: quoted price is the best match scenario, you may or may not find these prices depending on where you purchase and who is your CCTV distributor/supplier.


    Maybe you could help me find a better choice than this unit:




    I liked the Tribrid DVR but if you know of a better one I 'd go with your recommendation.




  21. Currently have a Qsee system which doesn't work, and customer service never picks up. I'm looking to upgrade to 8cam system, possibly 16ch HD 1080 or 720 system. What system would you guys recommend?



    Support is excellent.



    Hi. One of ops complaints is getting hold of customer service


    Doing website checks are so simple and an save you time and save you wasting money.


    But those sites are well over priced for no name .... Plus no company details on the site . But I can say they are not in the USA


    I was happy with a rebranded DVR I bought from Q-See (LTD2708XD-L) that cost me $750 three years ago for $229. Cheapest anywhere I could find.

  22. Currently have a Qsee system which doesn't work, and customer service never picks up. I'm looking to upgrade to 8cam system, possibly 16ch HD 1080 or 720 system. What system would you guys recommend?


    Here is an email I got from tech support yesterday. Maybe this will help you decide.


    "You can get a new HD-SDI system (8ch Magic Lite or MAG-Series is $399.95), with a 3 year warranty, and it’s made in Korea. Here are some HD-SDI packages. I would recommend these:






    HD-TVI is less expensive because it’s analog and not digital, and it will work on your existing RG59 or RG6 pre-made Siamese cables.


    This one has the same software as the DVR you just purchased. (EA-Series)


    This one is newer, has better software & warranty, and can accommodate 2 IP channels for a total of 10 channels. (LTS Platinum; not LTS Platinum-X)


    And here are some 8 channel HD-TVI packages:




    Support is excellent.

  23. Hi! i have the same problem, but apparently different model. I forgot the password for my samsung SRN-1000. anybody knows how to reset it so it restore default. is the switch from SRN-4000 is the same in SRN-100?

    hoping for anybody to help and will very appreciated. thanks!


    There should be a pin hole reset on the back.