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  1. Is it possible to delete / clean up entries under the default region? I've got duplicate cameras listed. thanks in advance.
  2. Ok. thanks. So sticking with Smart PSS is the way to go?
  3. Currently all my cameras are wired to POE switches and then the switches feed into another switch and then into NVR. I have no problem paying $70 for Blue Iris (never heard of it before until this week), but I thought that was for a PC based recorder, and not an NVR? I don't have a dedicated PC to run 27\7\365 to record video. So if Blue Iris works with my NVR and it adds value, that would be great. thanks.
  4. I bought it about 1 year ago. It was a new model then. DHI-NVR5232-16P-4KS2E thanks.
  5. Hi, I have a dahua NVR, and have upgraded my cameras to Amcrest 4K. I'm wondering what is the best software out there for controlling the NVR from a Windows 10 PC? Is there any advantage to Amcrest surveillance pro over Smart PSS? Is their something better? (I assume Blue Iris is only if I didn't have an NVR already) Yes, all of my cameras are now Amcrest 4K (bullets, or domes) thanks in advance.
  6. I own a 16ch Dahua that is about 5 years old for my home Some of the cameras have failed (assuming its the camera not the power supply). I'm planning on revamping them. All the cameras are 700TVL but the current DVR only records at D1. So, What are my options for the DVR in the ~$200 range (minus the HD) (keep the current one, replace it, buy something other than dahua, etc.) thanks
  7. Over the past few months 2 of my 14 cameras have stopped working. I put a multimeter on one of the power connections (because it was easiest to get to) and it showed no power. The rest seem to be working ok. (aside from some sort of interference sometimes). Would a power supply selectively crap out? thanks.
  8. I spent some time researching it, and I still could be wrong, but Its my understanding that the 960 is just an aspect ratio. More pixels yes, but It just gives you wider view (provided you have a supported camera), but no more resolution than a conventional D1. The DVRs that do give you more resolution are still a bit pricey for me. I think I'll wait another year and see what happens. thanks.
  9. I like the software, and I use it via a network to view the CCTV system. Is there better stuff on the market in the same price range? thanks.
  10. thanks. Would I notice a big difference? Is there a 1200H DVR on the market? reason being if the new cameras are 1200TVL, I would like to take advantage of that unless its cost prohibitive.
  11. I own a dahua with D1 I bought about 3 years ago. I've been happy with it. It only seems to do 480 and the cameras I bought were 700TVL. Now the new cameras I'm seeing are 1200TVL. I need to replace a few cameras because they either went totally black or have some weirdness. Any suggestions on DVR replacements? trying to stay within budget. thanks
  12. junk. watch out for china crap. if you want a camera like that look at geovision anpr but alot more money. your problem is going to be the 100ft (30m) what will you be recording on ..... you also need a good FPS unit. thanks.
  13. So. You can capture clear images of license plates using a "regular" camera, but it needs to be a pretty good regular camera. The following features are essential: * Fast shutter speed. 1/1000th of a second works well. * The camera must allow you to set this shutter speed as the slowest under any lighting conditions. * Progressive scan helps a lot, especially at larger capture angles. * For night-time capture, a good source of light is absolutely critical. * You also need a way to filter out the glare from car headlights. Commercial cameras typically use an IR-pass filter and an IR illuminator to solve the latter two problems. As you have probably realized by now, there's no way in hell you're going to get all that for $150. thanks. yes that was what I figured. What about this one? Its about $260 http://cctvdiscover.net/webfile/manual/camera/je7600.pdf