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  1. might be worth having a look at this https://www.ipconfigure.com/products/orchid i've never used it before but have been meaning to try it for a while now...
  2. with plate capture at night its all about the shutter speed. I generally run 1/1000 as the slowest speed for night time and set the quickest shutter speed to 1/8000 for day time... the camera used to take these pics is a Uniview IPC252 Distance from camera to plates is around 45m... The night image is a little out of focus as I have been playing with the zoom and auto focus...
  3. Tell the client he wont get much change from $30k and see what his response is. If he thinks thats ok, then look at the market to what is out there. Otherwise you will be just wasting your time. Facebook. They have massive server farms that can slowly scan all the photos that are uploaded. And all the images, the faces are looking at the camera and have a clear in focus shot. CCTV Facial Recognition uses cameras that are generally setup for overview, faces don't look at the cameras directly and lighting plays havoc with the scene. From the system I tried and tested (I wont name it for certain reasons) I wouldn't recommend it. Waste of money.
  4. OK so here is my $0.02 on facial recognition, its not worth the money... But here are some helping questions and comments... What is the budget ? How many cameras will have face recognition running ? Is there onsite security monitoring the camera feeds to deal with the alarms generated (false or positive) ? What is the realistic budget ? What is the accuracy of the system you want to achieve ? 100% is not going to happen! What is the budget ? I've recently trialed a system. Separate analytic servers were required (generally around 3-15k per server hardware cost only). Only 4 cameras max per server. Then you need to pay for the face recognition software on top... Do the math... what is the realistic budget ? If they say over 25k then you are on the right track. http://www.cognitec.com/ http://iomniscient.com/ http://security.panasonic.com/products/wv-asf900/ http://www.3vr.com/products/videoanalytics/facialsurveillance There are 2 links for 3rd party face recognition and 2 links for inbuilt NVR/DVR face recognition. Hope this helps...
  5. i wouldn't use multiple switches on a cat5/6 run, that's just asking for network issues. you have 2 options. option 1 - run cat5/6 and use ethernet extenders http://www.ourten.com/product_info.php?id=37&parent=6&itemId=21 when you realise that you wont get the bandwidth or throughput over the link then you will need option 2 option 2 - run fibre and do it properly. yes its not that cheap, but the poor man pays twice. Im in Aus and fibre (12 core single mode) is $2.15 per meter for me to buy.
  6. I know its not a solution using what you currently have, but if the budget allows, you could always replace the nvr with a pc based one and run Avigilon on it. You can then use a lantronix serial to ethernet convertor. You can get these with 2 db9 ports. It is a bit of an investment, however you will be able to do a search of pos data extremely quickly. I have done speed radar info, access control and standard pos data this way.
  7. first of all what switches are you using ? are the cameras/ encoders on the same switches as the recorders ? what hardware is in the recorders ? SSD / flash what are the types of nic connections ? GB or 10GB and above ? All of these things will / may have an effect on the traffic latency before you even look at the vms
  8. what about using 16chn HDSDI/HDTVI dvr's and seeing if you can rstp the streams from the dvr into avigilon? its not cost effective with licensing but it could work... ive seen IPVM do it with milestone and an analogue hd dvr. Link for those with an account Milestone Super Low Cost HD Solution http://ipvm.com/updates/2800
  9. Don't just look at the cost to install, factor in costs to search, playback and export. With Avigilon, the after event time is minimal coz its just so damn quick and easy. A cheaper system to install, will cost more in the long run for you to sit there and fiddle with the search and export.
  10. My condolences to his family. He will be missed. I would like to give him a final " title="Applause" /> for all of the help and support he gave us on this forum.
  11. what model ? two way? Im currently playing with some gen5 and gen6 cameras
  12. * Audio and I/O are not currently supported for any 3rd party devices. If you want audio recording, you MUST use an Avigilon camera...
  13. Hi Guys, Anyone tried using the Hikvision 2232-I bullet on Nuuo ? I know the 2212 is on the supported list but my supplier only has stock of the 2232 and dont want to quote it, if it wont work. Cheers, Ash
  14. 2 options for IP in lifts. Option1 - Cat5/6 in lift loom http://veracityglobal.com/products/ethernet-and-poe-extension/longspan.aspx Make sure that it is shielded cable installed in the lift loom and then you have your PoE out for any camera. Option2 - coax in lift loom http://veracityglobal.com/products/ethernet-over-coax/highwire-powerstar.aspx again make sure the cable has a good shield maybe even double shielded, as normal analogue cameras in lifts get some interference from the electrics... otherwise 3rd option is analogue in lifts and use an encoder. I did 16 lifts using 4 avigilon encoders and it works well. i used the samsung mini domes... nice and discreet. as they had no spare cables in the lift looms. i got the lift guys to run coax down the inside of the shaft and punched out in the basement. (only 8 - 10 floors high) cheers