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  1. pvphooman

    Email Alarm and Snapshot via Gmail

    I am having trouble receiving alarm emails via a Gmail account. I have a NV3000. Mail Server: smtp.gmail.com port 465 (I have also tried port 25) Authentication box is checked ID:myaccount@gmail.com Password: gmail password Mail To: myaccount@gmail.com From:myaccount@gamil.com Subject:Test Message:Test When I click Test Account I get nothing. Can anyone help?
  2. pvphooman

    Remote Viewing with Blackberry

    hi next to handy viewer you will see display options just move it up a little I see three settings and the highest resolution is 352x240. I've selected that and the highest(100) quality and it is small on my blackberry screen. ...wish there was a 640x480 box or whatever would make it full screen. The choppy framerate is still there if I choose the lowest video quality. I love blackberry and the 9900 is the 3rd one I've bough but this makes me want the iphone now!
  3. pvphooman

    Remote Viewing with Blackberry

    sounds like you are using port 80. do you have other ports setup for iphone or BB ? I am using port 5550 which is default and corresponds to my NV program. I did get it working however! ..once I enabled handyviewer in the network setup on my NV3000 computer. It also seems the options for handy viewer change the resolution that displays on my blackberry. I wish Aver would come out with an interface like the one for iphone. My framerate is choppy and the screen size is not full screen (its more like half screen) even though I'm on 4g network.
  4. pvphooman

    Remote Viewing with Blackberry

    I've got a Blackberry 9900 with OS7 through T-mobile. I've downloaded the java-viewer, and ibbviewer version and also and am having no luck with anything. Everything seems to be entered correctly however it keeps telling me "Connection Failed!!" I am so frustrated with this. I wish Aver or RIM would come out with a serious app for this. I also am having trouble login in to the remote playback via http://mydvrip/3gpp on my phone. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to get this working? Thanks