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  1. Here is that exact model, or these might also work
  2. Sir Flannel

    Factory Reset DW CP04

    Have a Digital Watchdog CP04 encoder, trying to reset to factory default. Instructions say power cycle then push the FD button for 10 seconds. Tried doing that before, during, and while power cycling, with and without network connection. No luck. Customer says unit was working prior to removal. Am I missing something glaringly obvious? Thanks
  3. Add an Altronix RBST into the circuit if you can. There is a wiring diagram for a latching setup in the pdf aand you might be able to incorporate that https://www.altronix.com/library/pdf/installation_instructions/RBST.pdf
  4. Sir Flannel

    NUUO NvrMini2 NE4160

    Does anyone have access to the latest firmware file for this NVR?
  5. Sir Flannel

    facing issue with came barrier

    I found this manual, the wiring diagram is on page 10 and 11 http://manuals.easygates.co.uk/PDF/CAME/M02v22.pdf
  6. Fisheye lens on an analog box camera
  7. Does the door need a momentary trigger to activate a built in timer, or does the door open as long as the trigger is closed? If it's a momentary trigger, it can be done with a 4 pole, dual throw relay (4 separate sets of C, NC, and NO contacts), and that relay is powered by the same power going to any locking device you have on the door. When the door is supposed to be secure, the inside ADA button is tied to the access panel RTE inputs, and the outside ADA button is not tied to anything. When someone pushes the inside button, it triggers the locking device to release, and the relay then sends the pressed button to the door opener. Or, if there is a valid card read, it will enable the outer button to open the door. When the door is set to allow normal access, the relay will connect both buttons directly to the door opener. I made a crude diagram or a 4 pole dual throw relay HERE In my example, the red is for the connection to the INNER door ADA button, the blue is for the OUTER door ADA button. the green is the connection to the access control system RTE input. The yellows and orange are for the door opener trigger (Yellows together, oranges together). This relay is powered with the same wires that power the door locking device, and the connections assume that the locking device POWERS to SECURE the door. It also assumes the buttons are the standard normally open momentary buttons.
  8. Sir Flannel

    How Not to Plant a Roadside Bomb

    Actually, I recall those were friendly Iraqi troops trying to get a bomb OUT of the ground, not plant one.
  9. Sir Flannel

    Android remote viewing app

    New to servicing GeoVision, and I'm having issues with the mobile app. I've upgraded the DVR to 8.5.9 and have been trying the latest GVAView and GV-Eye apps for Android (the latter at the suggestion of tech support after the upgrade). No matter which port I put in my apps to connect (8080, 8866, 10000, 56000, just to name the ones I can recall off the top of my head), and cannot connect. I have connected my phone to the same network, to make sure I can do it without the network firewall in the way, but I have to be missing something. Any tips or suggestions? Which port should I be trying to connect to? None of what are listed in the settings seem to work.
  10. Sir Flannel

    difference between NVR and DVR

    The problem I've noticed is the IP cameras take longer to begin streaming than the analog cameras. My guess is that the megapixel cameras are coming into the unit via Ethernet, recoded, then sent back out through Ethernet. But, that is the only real problem I've noticed, and it isn't too big a deal usually
  11. Sir Flannel

    converting digital to analog?

    Depending on the manufacturer, some offer video decoders to convert the video to analog. Axis I know offers this, and Panasonic used to. Look for IP decoder in association with your camera maker.
  12. Sir Flannel

    My funeral, How do you plan to go

    At my funeral, I want a huge stand of flowers, with a "Get Well Soon" banner. Perhaps one that will squirt people with water if they go in to smell it. And, when they close the lid, I want it to have a small hammer to knock on the inside of the lid. Maybe a "Let me out", "I'm not dead" voice box thrown in for good measure
  13. Sir Flannel


    And you cared enough to share... that says something
  14. Sir Flannel

    Alternate DNS servers

    Another one I've used is, FYI.
  15. Sir Flannel

    Topaz Client

    Have you called UTC? It will depend on which version you're using.