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    Microphone with CCTV camera

    never mind Found a ton on there
  2. My client wants a microphone to hook up next to his existing camera. I believe he has an RCA input for the microphone or BNC... Its a ICrealtime dvr thats older. Do you guys recommend any microphone, Its going to only need a 50 foot or so cord on it.
  3. pal251

    Microphone with CCTV camera

    Shockwave any certain keywords to type in?
  4. pal251

    Power wire splicing

    Gotcha. I'm still learning. Right now basically all I do is replace the cameras that are breaking down. The last installer used solid core wire.
  5. pal251

    Power wire splicing

    I bought stranded wire on accident on my last install. I wanted to get Solid but I think the stranded might be more reliable for corners and able to be moved back and forth more often without breaking. Which works well with stranded wire?
  6. Thanks I'll have someone login to it tommorrow at the office.
  7. I can only get as far as the login/password screen It pops up with the webservice 7.0 screen thats grey and white. WHenever I try typing in the 888888 for the user name it says it does not exist.
  8. Tried admin with the password you gave me and it didn't work Tried 888888 with the password you gave me and it said the user didn't exist. This was all done remotely. Should I try to have someone do it locally?
  9. oh ok. Thought you said it expired after 12pm. What do I put in for the user name? I tried user name 888888 but it said it doesnt exist
  10. for todays password 25-4-12 use 665600, tomorrow 26-4-12 use 092224 (both codes will be useless after 12pm on each day) as soon as you are into your system reset codes back to factory then reboot. Got anything for after 12 pm today (04-25-2012)
  11. tomcctv do I use the login of 888888? I don't know if its a Dahua or not but it uses very similar software to a Dahua. Do you think it may be a model by ICrealtime? The installer used ICrealtime products mainly everywhere else.
  12. pal251

    Power wire splicing

    never saw the gel filled kind. I will look for those the next time I go to the store
  13. Yes I will only use one pair. I am using 18 gauge 2 conductor cable for my power wire.
  14. pal251

    Bosch EX12 vs. $6 ebay IR illuminator

    Very cool Thank you for all the photos and the write up. Which one is that one?
  15. No one? I'm tempted to put up a cash reward almost here
  16. Yes. Not to beat the proverbial dead horse but I wanna make sure Before I order this thing. (ordering another one from amazon) This is how its going to be setup with my simple diagram Camera hooked to the standard one channel utp video balun> cat 5 cable>patch panel of 4 port video balun output from video balun via BNC Coax into the DVR This is then repeated 3 other times for the other cameras correct? Thanks
  17. Yes. Thanks Soundy, too bad I already ordered the separate baluns off of Ebay. Any sponsors of this site that offer an 8 port video balun passive?
  18. They do the job nicely as long as the cat 5 cable is not just swinging in the breeze. Baluns dangling off the end of cat 5 feature prominently in my worst nightmares I am adding 4 new cameras into my system later this week at one of my Hotels.. The existing cameras are running coax. I want to switch to Cat 5. Can I put a small video balun on the camera and run the cat 5 into that unit then go straight to my dvr from there? Basically should have 4 cat5 cables going into the back of the balun on the patch panel and then switch over to the dvr
  19. Any ideas? If I need to provide any more info please let me know
  20. pal251

    Secuirty Installer Licensing??

    I too have been wondering how to to get an actual security camera installer license. Any ideas?
  21. pal251

    Qvis cameras? Qvis EYE-E36-V2W-N

    Looking at picking up 6 of these possibly. Anyone else have opinions of them?
  22. none of those apps are working. I have been using the Dahua setting on IP cam lite though It says it connects to server correctly but nothing happens after that
  23. I have taken over 4 properties with ICrealtime dvrs. All of the DVRs are the Flex series dvrs except for one that is a MAX16 dvr. The Max 16 dvr works great with web based login through IE and also use the PSS program. I am trying to use IP CAM lite for android but its not bringing up an image. I can use the program with the other DVRS but not the max series. Far as I know all the settings are correct compared to the other dvrs.
  24. I know I can download the "official" $30 program but was trying to avoid it. Plus the refund policy through android market is only 15 minutes so if it doesn't work I am out $30
  25. Rory I was going to tell him the same thing