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  1. I see that some people run power over Cat 5 by doubling up 2 pairs of wires then running video off another pair off of the same cable. Wouldn't this possibly cause some video interference issue due to the power being so close to the video? I thought of doing this when I install my new cameras at home over the next few weeks but I think running separate power cables seem safer. What do you think?
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    Power over cat 5?

    Thanks Soundy, I have been reading a lot of posts over the last few days and you have contributed a lot of worthwhile posts it seems. Now if I am running a camera with built in IR like a dome or bullet cam with built in IR would the cat 5 be able to support the current draw because of the additional strain? Sorry for the "newbie" post I don't mind running the additional power wire because I may want to run a couple wires outside to hook up an external camera enclosure with heater and fan. It just appears to be easier to run the separate cable in my mind. Is 18 gauge wire the standard wire?
  3. Also do yoi guys think upgrading the firmware might help?