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  1. jay964

    CPU needed?

    Right now I am using Geovision software and would like to keep using it. It records 24/7 and displays live viewing. Cpu usage right now is at 24% when just running the geovision software. I dont do much else on the computer than a few excel sheets and checking email.
  2. I am planning on adding about 4-5 I.P cameras to my existing geovision system. Will be upgrading my cpu and ram. In total I will have about 8 cameras (4 analog + 4 I.P). What do you guys recommend for a cpu? The cams will be 3 m.p. Also, the majority of people recommend that I build a system strictly for video surveillance. I am kind of opposed to this idea because I will do not want two computers in my office. Also I am using one computer for my work needs as well as my video surveillance right now with no problems. Do you guys think I can get away with my current setup? All I really do is email and use excel on this computer. Thanks
  3. jay964

    Not full Screen?

    really? damn thats a shame. I see I'm able to do the drag and drop via the matrix settings but I'm not really sure what digital matrix is.
  4. jay964

    Not full Screen?

    I found the option and it solved my issue. Thanks guys. Btw, is there a way to select the cameras I want for a 4 channel display? I currently have 10 cameras and view all 10 at the same time but thats not needed. What Id like is to only have a live view of certain cameras. When I select 4 channel it pops up with the first 4 cameras (1,2,3,4). Id like to view 1,3,9,10
  5. jay964

    Not full Screen?

    Where is this option? Under General Settings > System configure > Camera Record settings it just gives me an option 'Recording Quality' which i can set 1 to 5.
  6. jay964

    Not full Screen?

    So I've been using my GV-800 for quite some time now with Geovsion 8.4 Software. This has been an issue from the start but i just ignored it. Hopefully someone can help me out. My Setup: AMD quad core cpu 8 gb ram win 7 (32) bit 2 monitors (one just for GV) So on 'Monitor 1' I view a live feed of all 10 of my cameras. Everything fine here no problems. On 'Monitor 2' i see my desktop. The problem comes when I click the view log button. It opens the video log on monitor 2. Thats fine. Its how its displayed thats the problem Monitor 2 (Playback monitor) Why is the image not taking up the full screen? Why am I getting such a small view? This is only on the single view btw. On multi or quad it takes up the entire space.