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    Viewing on internet

    the best way of cctv over the internet is get a static ip attached by your provider explain its for the cctv use on your premises and they should be able to alocate you a static ip address
  2. would your internet supplier be able to change to static ip address
  3. ive always liked the dm stufff but found it a right pain the software was on the hdd not the memory of the dvr, ive started moving to hik vision now because of the hasslle of the software on the dvr hdd where hikvision has the embedded software on the pcb chip and it has more useability
  4. its probably setup from factory as pelco d 2400 address 1 try that as the setting in joystick and see how that goes.
  5. is this any good http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/like/111722615308?lpid=122&chn=ps&googleloc=9045491&poi=&campaignid=207297426&device=c&adgroupid=13585920426&rlsatarget=pla-142405615986&adtype=pla&crdt=0
  6. cctvmann

    Ip camera systems

    hi there can you pm me details of your install requirements, dont just go with a pre boxed kit because the cameras will be cheaper general standard units, if you tell me by pm what you require to see i can give you some guidance on which cameras would be better suited.
  7. try changing the cameras and see if that sorts the problem out otherwise it could be a cable fault.
  8. cctvmann

    CCTV wires

    which model camera is it
  9. your voltage is too low possibly because the resistance on cable run for dc power is too long or cable to small therefore resistance is dropping voltage once the additinsl night ir lights power pulls more current, can you mount the psu nearer the camera and feed from there.
  10. cctvmann

    Cannot access cctv (lost pins)

    can you upload a couple of pictures to this forum asi cant view the coded link you supplied thanks
  11. cctvmann

    Floureon dvr

    Does anyone know of floureon DVrs and how they are in the app use
  12. http://www.cctvcentersl.es/upload/Manuales/RX210__(TRX228)_
  13. http://www.cctvcentersl.es/upload/Manuales/RX210__(TRX228)_manual_eng.pdf ive found this if its any help
  14. cctvmann

    Floureon dvr

    I gather this dvr must be to do with cakes as I get the impression the unit is scrambled
  15. cctvmann

    Floureon dvr

    Any body able to advise on this brand of dvr
  16. cctvmann

    cctv viewing in android mobile

    Sorry but I'm not on Facebook at all I don't use it
  17. cctvmann

    Problem in my CCTV

    whats the general view of floureon dvrs as ive not installed one myself but a customer has purchased one for his cctv cameras as thats what he wanted and i just wondered what people thought of them as a dvr?
  18. cctvmann

    cctv viewing in android mobile

    on dvr unit use mouse go into main menu and go into network setup the ip address of unit will be your local ip for dvr and mobile port will be further down that screen above http port i think
  19. cctvmann

    cctv viewing in android mobile

    hope this helps
  20. that is correct the dm ds2 must have booted fully to recognise the keyboard, if its halted then it will not recognise the dvr keyboard at all.
  21. you need to press unit number on keyboard and the unit number that the dm is programmed to ie if the ds2a is unit 3 then press unit and number 3 on keyboard etc.
  22. cctvmann

    Swan cttv

    Try pulling camera away from Wall a bit To stop the ir bounding back that may help throw more ir light onto the path your viewing
  23. cctvmann

    Long-range illuminator

    look like a covert ca,era viwing a road network of some sort
  24. Have you got a video file that you can email