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  1. All channels recording regardless of settings. All channels are set to record motion detection. The system is Dahua 1U DVR . Used to follow the settings but lately it is recording like in Manual recording mode .ie. 24/7 Thanx fo reading.
  2. When trying to log in the DVR on my PSS it says: Cannot find the network host. Few times I managed to get the log in, but soon the connection gets lost and the message. Anything I am doing wrong? Thanx
  3. At present I have Dahua 1U DVR with HDMI(1) .. all my cams are Effio 700.... will replacing the present DVR with Effio 960 bring change in video quality(rec/play)?
  4. Rhea

    What is this DVR

    I am trying to say that the guy has replaced the DVR with one that is pretty obsolete & old type for the price of high quality DVR Any ideas
  5. HI everybody.. my daughter's DVR got screwed up so she called the installer and the guy came and replaced with this.... no papers no documents........ charged her 800$ To me it looks pretty obsolete Your opinion... Looking for Your judgement so I know how to handle the situation... sorry, the DVR front pic is pretty fuzzy... Thanx for help
  6. Rhea

    HD-SDI cameras

    Anybody has come across these cameras? These give megapix pictures.... Will these cams work on a DVR (Dahua 1U.... ) or.. a HD SDI DVR is necessary to get most of these cams? At present I have regular Effio 700Tv line cams... Also a question about Pixim Seawolf cameras....My present cams do not work excellent with bright light.. etc.. Trying to get a better quality...
  7. How this tool is used... it asks for user NAME & PASSWORD??????? Thanx
  8. Rhea

    entrance door camera

    Thanx.. the mention of those 2 lights escaped me.. Yes they will be a problem during night as the one on the left(mine) is on all the night... I have one dome to the right under the balcony pointing to my entrance door(one on the left) it gives a clear view of person at my door... but lately I discovered that my tenants(door on the right) are having some strange activities so I decided to keep an eye on the whole 2 door space and entrance into passage leading to the doors... That's my problem
  9. Rhea

    IP camera suggestions for front door

    I guess the same problem here as I am having ... the light from behind the incoming person will block out the facial recognition as the light will overload the sensor and it will focus on the brighter part of the picture, in this case, the background... It might work only in case there is lots of light coming from the side of the door... otherwise it's money down the drain
  10. Rhea

    entrance door camera

    The entrance views..... (the doors on the right in the pic...dark brown doors) and the passage leading to the entrance... My option might be4 a cam(dome with 2-6-12 mm) between the doors under the cover???? The sun won't be directly into the cam so the subjects might be visible and recognizable ... Suggestions? Thanx
  11. Rhea

    entrance door camera

    Was considering it but... as the light comes from behind (usually it's after 3pm) and it is straight into my door, it might overload the sensor and , as it always is the case, the light from behind will render the persons face(etc) dark , so not recognizable.. am looking for something that might be installed under the roof overhang,over the doors, so there sun light does not interfere... Thanx
  12. Rhea

    entrance door camera

    I am looking for the entrance (main) door camera.. my cams that I have installed are 4-9mm... I need wide angle and great depth focusing as I need to have a closer look at the all width of the entrance stairs.... what optics should I be looking for? Thanx
  13. Rhea

    welder's glass

    The cameras I have installed are these: http://enstercctv.en.alibaba.com/product/538868679-213161793/700_TVL_EFFIO_P_WDR_SECURITY_CAMERA.html http://enstercctv.en.alibaba.com/product/446068864-213161793/Vandalproof_Box_Sony_700_tvl_Camera.html http://enstercctv.en.alibaba.com/product/429478419-213161817/700_TVL_SECURITY_CAMERA_infrared_camera.html Been cooperating with this manufacturer for 3 yrs now... have regular 450 Tv line cams and their DVR in my office & warehouse. Decided to go a bit higher and got Dahua 1U DVR and these cameras. Frankly, even with HDMI input and these cameras I am not that happy, as the difference in picture resolution is not that much striking different... that.s why I think maybe I have to be more precise with focusing. I have been using this to set up the cam video from the same manufacturer : http://enstercctv.en.alibaba.com/product/248831832-213162256/security_monitor_video_camera_tester.html Thanx for help!
  14. Rhea

    welder's glass

    Lots of folks here talk about using welder's glass for cam focusing... Looks I need one.. I installed all my cams during day time, and they're all out of focus somehow... have to try focus using that glass.. Is it available in stores? Thanx