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    IP cam supported DVR

    To continue the quality theme, here are the links to the cams that I bought from the manufacturer: What are the criteria that one has to follow in choice of cams? 2)http://enstercctv.en.alibaba.com/product/446068864-213161793/Vandalproof_Box_Sony_700_tvl_Camera.html 3)http://enstercctv.en.alibaba.com/product/446059367-213161793/Vandalproof_Box_Sony_700_tvl_Camera.html 4)http://enstercctv.en.alibaba.com/product/429478419-213161817/700_TVL_SECURITY_CAMERA_infrared_camera.html These are the cams that I have installed. My DVR is Dahua 1U . Thanx
  2. Rhea

    IP cam supported DVR

    Anyway... another question... to continue the China theme... I have those cams that I bought from China along with the cables.. You know the regular type they sell.... 2 power + video... pretty thin cables , had problems connecting to my power box... the shielding is , looks. aluminum... My cams are connected via BNC connectors... The question... I read someting about those video baluns (active/passive). As I have good(I think ) cams; all 5 Effio 700Tv Lines with OSD etc and Dahua 1U DVR , I am not really happy with the picture quality... should there be something else betwee the cam /DVR connection to improve the video quality?? Thanx for help
  3. Rhea

    IP cam supported DVR

    Hey folks...am I missing something... these last remarks... What are these supposed to mean.....sorry, anything to do with my question????
  4. How can I set up my DVR start recording "motion detection" with NO delay??? Dahua 1U DVR? Been discovering this just today... 3-5secs delay? Thanx
  5. Just came across a tutorial right as my Dahua 1U DVR.. same interface etc... In paragraph about ALARM RECORDING FOUND THIS: STEP 18: Set the Anti-dither time (this is how much time the DVR will delay before STARTING TO RECORD) On mine machine Anti -dihter time is default 5 secs. Any way to go around it na d change to lower value(0-1sec)? This seems a problem been haunting me all the time .. motion recordings star late and stop abruptly... though my after motion recording value is set to 10secs. Any suggestions? Thanx in advance
  6. Rhea

    Night vision without red lights?

    How these IP HiRes megapixel cams work? Can they be used with the exsisting DVR? With BNC inputs????? Or do they have to be connected to DVR via computer ??? Because as I have experimented, my Logitech cam (1.5 Megapix) gives super fine picture (only on computer.. so what happens If I connecte IP HiRes megapix cam to a DVR via BNC???
  7. THis DVR 'corners" me with that I cannot figure out those -pre&after motion duration recording as far as motion detection goes.. like I said I have another DVR from Enster (China) manufacturer and there it is "black on white" :pre & and post record duration .. no probs,,, but this machine does not make these options clear.. or. maybe . I have to go to "factory reset< leave its settings as they were default and simply activate motion detection recording? Maybe I have messed up something there? Thanx
  8. How to disable the password pop-up on Dahua 1U 8ch series DVR? Thanx
  9. Thanx for helping to understand !
  10. Thanx for response... Yes, it keeps popping up all the same .. But OK Will try Your advice. Please explain the terms: Latch. Anti-dihter. Some options are not changing.. just tried Latch lower than 10 but it looks default.. What these mean in "regular" terms? Do these have anything to do with recording duration? I just noticed that the motion detected recording starts and then stops abruptly, On my other DVR I can easily determine Post and Pre record values and it works fine.. but with Dahua I have problems. Sorry, a bunch of questions... Thank You
  11. It pops up every time I try to access the DVR .. both access settings and search.... I modified it when setting uo the DVR but now it's pissing me off every time I access these settings... How to just remove it?
  12. Recently I installed Dahua EDR 0804(8ch with HDMI stc) outputs. Though the sensitivity on all cams is 1, the recording pops up by itself. I have 1TB HDD installed, and more than 60% recordings are not really associated with any visible motion. And also, which is very annoying, the ALARM STATUS window keeps popping up as soon as there is some alarm. How to keep it off the screen? Am I missing something during the DVR installation? Help will be really appreciated.
  13. As far as we all go... we stand for our own security... and NO one else... here I mean -police. Who else is to keep us safe? That's why we pay the taxes and those fellas get their pay... but no.... Just wait... Last autumn... October my daughter's house got robbed: Just wait to read till the end: the house was and still is rigged with so far the best security here in Canada , Quebec:ADT security system, with all the possible gadgets , here I mean the glass break detectors, window/door sensors, all kinds of motion etc... Then, Good quality video surveillance system, covering entrance, back doors, ,all 4 sides of house in short, all possible entrance ways covered... The thugs broke back door glass, opened the door, went inside, all sirens screaming..etc... 45-50secs... they were gone 3 pcs gone not a big damage, the resulting shock for kids, daughter... You know what I mean....Thank God, nobody was home ??? Police???? Unless there is a victim. bodily damage, somebody killed etc... it's on Your own... That's what those "uniformed " fellas told... Got video shots, got the alarm on etc....usually police arrives 20-45 min later, ... due to "false alarms.... Post these shots on Internet... do it Yourself... Thanx for advice officer... So I got 4 myself good cams too , good DRV(Dahua 8ch+ 5 Effio cams.).. the cams are pretty visible, covering all four sides, entrances etc... Is it going to deter the bad guys? God knows....Maybe He may help? Not hoping much for the police to do the job>>>>>( In Canada it's forbidden even to keep a pepper spray for defense, let alone a gun... 10 yrs behind the bars....Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere in Texas..... Maybe I should also display a sign...
  14. Thanx. Found the option.
  15. I recently got Dahua 1U series DVR for my home security(with HDMI output)... All my cameras are Effio 700TV lines Sony. with OSD. There seems to be a delay when in motion recording option is selected... (that's my main option, as the system is used for home entrances, etc). Seems I have a problem configuring the DVR, as I cannot find the option how to set up the values for pre-recording the motion. Any suggestions? Thanx
  16. Rhea

    Dahua motion recording

    Thanx for response... really, I am a novice here... in this field... not really sure what this Pss software is... I am using the machine as it came in a box, regular monitoring the cams (5 of them, all 700 lines Effio ), and , in fact, I cannot find the option "Configuration". Mind giving me a lead? Thanx