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  1. do i need to 12v power the cameras that i need to log onto? as they are all fitted and out of reach to power them for quick fix went there today and unpluged all cameras and group deleted the info in the config menu in the nvr then i pluged in 1 working camera at a time this is the first 2 cameras info only one pluged in at a time then deleted the info after i unpluged it then the 4 working cameras all in at once then this is the screen info with just 4 working cameras in ive not had much to do with poe cameras and nvr's just tvi with coax dont know whats going on is there any way i can reset the cameras without powering them and takeing them down? thanks
  2. hi thanks for the info yes all same manufacture sannce the router is about 10 foot away from the nvr i have a long ethernet cable but no adaptor to connect the camera's ethernet cable to the long ethernet cable i have i will try to get one tomorrow thanks
  3. hi the lan 1 is 192.168.1.? and the lan 2 is 192.168.2.?
  4. hi a friend has got the sannce N48PT with 8 sannce poe cameras 4 are working ok but 4 say net error or blank someone has been into the nvr menu and changed some of the cameras ip address the ones that are working have status green dot , ip/domain cameras mac address in this part port 8000, protocol type1 the 4 that dont work have , port 80, or 8000, type onvif how do i get the cameras working again or reset them to how they were i tryed to connect my laptop to the nvr by changing the laptops ip to match lan 2 on the nvr but couldnt get any config tool to work cheers
  5. hi you cant just use a splitter for cctv you need an rf modulator I had to use one to get cctv into a few TV's just search rf modulator in google
  6. i had same with a qvis one hard drive was bad
  7. anyone used these and are they any good http://www.biz4security.com/news/detail-221-hikvision-launches-new-600tvl-dis-analog-cameras.html i usualy use qvis bullet p400 efio e cameras cheers
  8. Hi One of my pelco spectra 3 cameras has started playing up If I move the camera with the joystick or through the network I get a full screen of numbers with degrees next to them And if I zoom in or out I get a full screen of the rectangle bars you usually get 1 when you zoom not a full screen full of them The camera still has a picture under all the numbers/rectangle bars If I go into the cameras menu and then exit the numbers are gone until I move the camera again then the screen fills up with the same crap Any ideas has it had it Cheers
  9. just set up a new account with no-ip https://www.noip.com/sign-up you get 3 free accounts and choose the no-ip option on the dvr
  10. hi port forward ports 80 and 34567 and 34599 only on your router to the dvr's ip adress which is then double click where it says members.Dyndns.org on the dvr (your photo 2 in your post) and it will open up to choose the ddns settings which is where you will input you ddns account name and password this will get you going also if you try to log onto your cameras from where the dvr is (LAN) you might have to put the dvr's ip address into the ipad iphone pss on the pc software instead of the dydns name and just use the dydns when your away from the dvd (WAN)
  11. crow

    Ddns LAN problem

    great thanks for your reply thats why some work and most dont
  12. crow

    Ddns LAN problem

    Hi Why is it that on most of my dvr network setups using a ddns account name I can't logo to the dvr localy I have to use the DVDs IP address instead of the ddns name But I can log onto the dvr with the ddns name from the wan Thanks
  13. HI my friend has one of these dd427-x and another has the dd423-x pelco ptz cameras the 27x one lights up very dark areas automaticly and the 23x one doesnt ,they are both running default factory settings has the 27x one got some kind of chip that does some kind of fancy lightening trick? cheers
  14. Got it working now It was set to std coaxitron ,when I changed it to extended coaxitron it worked on the patterns Dip switch 2 switches were all off apart from 5 and 7 Not sure why as I put them all to off and it works ok Any one know what they should be set to Cheers