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  1. Hello Folks, the info I have is only applicable to the SVR series.
  2. PM Sent. Please keep the rest procedure private but do post back into the forum whether or not the reset procedure was successful.
  3. I now have the service manual for the SVR series of Samsung DVRs which has the code sequence required to reset the password back to default. PM me if you ever return to follow up on your question.
  4. I own one of these ... If you manage to default the unit back to factory settings, the default is that there is NO password when using the USB mouse interface directly from the unit. Otherwise, passwords are 8 characters in length, again using the USB mouse interface directly from the unit. The 4321 / 12345 style passwords are defaults for remote access (Smartviewer and SNM-128S) programs which in turn must authorise into the DVR.
  5. I would very much appreciate specific recommendations for analogue cctv cameras for exterior use which have good low light sensitivity (in general) and (specifically) are sensitive to 940nm infrared, which -- in this application -- is supplied by separate illuminators. - I am looking for board or (finger/ lipstick) bullet cameras that I can conceal – no big box cams, domes, or integrated IR bullets -They need not be integrally waterproof housings, I can have many sheltered areas I can mount cameras and can build customized housings that work for my covert locations. Why 940? The usual reasons, or so I imagine … - My installations are entirely covert, no cameras are visible, typically even if you know where they are and 850nm lighting stands out like a billboard - Years ago, I was spoiled by use of some very nice 940 surveillance equipment and its hard to forget how nice it is to be truly covert (oh, to have a mil spec budget!!!) - I prefer not to use white security lighting for reasons of personal preference and out of respect for my neighbors (light pollution); where I use white light it is with perimeter alarms only and set well inside the property ( I want the IR so that I can see someone before they trip the inner perimeter). Wish list and dreams? - I have an effio-p/ 960h camera that is great for color in the day and wonderfully responsive to 850 at night, but entirely useless with 940. If only I could will it to work at the higher end of the spectrum. Sure it would be nice to have ‘one camera to rule them all’ – perfect color and black and white clear enough to have made Ansel Adams jealous; but, I am not expecting identification from the night capable cameras. Their role is to provide detection (possibly recognition), and I am not expecting identification. I don’t want to get too hung up on color vs BW or TVL. Indeed, from what I can gather, I probably need an exview bw with lower tvl than I my marketting influenced brain thinks I need. From lurking about a while in the forums, I know to expect at least a few questions from folks here who are looking for the additional information that helps them help me. I am only too happy to answer them! I’d just like some advice from people who have had hands on, know what works and can offer an honest assessment of whatever recommendations they might make. Thanks for sharing your hard won expertise! K One last thought --- - Unfortunately, (at least it is unfortunate when looking for cctv cameras) I live in England. We can’t get our hand on a lot of the same cameras here that are available in the US (and when we can, they cost 2x as much). So, extra thanks if anyone is able to recommend models (and a distributer, by PM of course) available in the UK/EU.
  6. thats a big claim. if you had the info via PM. do homework first. and if they cant be bothered to post on your thread then i would say they are not from the UK. Definitely something to keep in mind; thanks for the observation.
  7. I also wanted to thank whomever it was that also sent me a PM on the 940 topic. Unfortunately, that message seems to have disappeared so I have lost the info. The person that sent it indicated that they had access / were able to supply cameras not otherwise widely available in the UK. I remain greatful for any additional suggestions anyone and everyone has to offer! K
  8. Tom -- thanks for the info. Had to put things on hold for a while, but will chase your recommendations next week. K
  9. Hi Tom, I have two basic ranges / scenarios to be covered 1) max distance between camera/ illumination and target is about 30M (100 feet); background is plants, trees, etc with low reflectivity; and, 2) max distance 7-8M (25 feet); reflective hard bright surfaces, buildings and pavements Any experience with the camera you highlighted here? Thanks, K
  10. kgk

    London Calling

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here and, before I begin shamelessly soliciting your advise and expertise, it is also my first opportunity to thank you all for the time you have already invested in these forums which I have been reading for the last month. [Especially – and I hope without insult to others here -- Rory, who is most generous with information in so many threads] My wife and I purchased a house in what was supposedly an “ok’ area of West London, but nevertheless since we started renovations there have been 13 attempts (that I know of) on the property in 9 months. They have hopped the fence, kicked through gates, pried the garage door, cut through padlocks and even tried to kick in the front door whilst we were home with 10 people around the dining table. This is the land of the “hoodie” where it is the norm for the feral youth to have their sweatshirt hoods drawn tight around their face leaving only the slightest area to image for identification. The less warning they have that they are on camera, the better chance I have of getting an identifiable image and a prosecution. This is also the land of CCTV. It is everywhere in London! And, because cctv images are so commonly used in Police appeals, most people are aware just how useless most (albeit not all) installations are for getting an identification. Hence, visible cctv is only of minimal deterrent. And, some argue that it just leads the local crims to make a place a target since you must have something to protect. The UK is also sometimes known as ‘Treasure Island’, because most everything here is not only more expensive than in the US or ROW, but typically even more so than in the rest of Europe. However, even at inflated prices, here in Albion (or Blighty) it is nevertheless a difficult place to source many brands and models of electronics, including CCTV cameras. I currently have a 16 channel Samsung svr-1680c which permits real time (25 fps PAL) recording of all channels in full D1 max quality. So far, image fidelity of the DVR seems quite reasonable with the various cameras I have had a chance to get my hands on. However, the cameras have left a lot to be desired. I do not mind spending money for quality and would rather start with fewer, but better cameras, and roll out more over time as funds permit than just load up on junk. I am very hesitant to buy unbranded (or not specifically recommended) cctv cameras but getting my hands on the branded cameras, e.g. KPC models, from UK retailers seems to be a challenge. I’ll try and break up some of my questions into more ‘bite size’ posts in the relevant forums as I look for general advice and for recommendations for quality, high resolution, yet concealable cameras that I can source in the UK. Thanks for all the information already shared here! Ken