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  1. Hi all.. Well is this possible to run six AHD cameras over on CAT6 cable?....Kindly check attached arrangement. Please let me know if there will be any problem with this setup.
  2. Thank you so much for reply...will try and update the results
  3. hello i am willing to install 2mp AHD camera on a factory upto 200 meter distance. Please let me know will it work properly with best quality CAT6 cable and UTP balloon setup. I will provide local power supply to camera
  4. Hello friends, My problem solved completely by using LED array in place of normal 36LED PCB and using a bigger full metal housing. I have fixed the PCB using four metal pillars on heavy aluminum block with a heatsink affixed with main IC. thanks
  5. Hello, I am using below 2mp IP camera board with IMX322 CMOS sensor. http://goo.gl/DcJSrg With Good heavy bullet housing. But facing heavy noise in night time video..please check attached images. FPS and other settings are at default (FPS=25, Bitrate 4mbps) Tried improving the IR source but no result. Temperature here currently 35 Day & 15 Night. After some googling i found that this problem occurs in CMOS IP cameras due to excessive heat. Pleas let me know if there is any solution available. Can i put a small fan behind PCB?
  6. Hi all, I have AHB70XXT16 - 3531 - V1.01 AHD 16 channel DVR. DVR not booting properly so i am willing to apply the new copy of firmware. Tried searching on internet found the manufacturer website http://www.xiongmaitech.com They have page for for firmware download. But unfortunately my model is not listed there. Please let me know from where i can get one. Thank you
  7. Right sir....i have dome the same....supplied 12VDC locally
  8. Right sir... Will run only 3 over one cat6 cable. Thank you so much for correction and replies
  9. Hi all, Problem reduced upto 80% by using IR array in place of 36LED PCB and applying heatsink with the processor. Thank you all for replies.
  10. Thank you so much for reply. Please let me know the error in my diagram.
  11. Thanks for reply Well right there is no option for OSD. The WDR and other settings can only be accessed via computer. Tried playing with settings but no results. If we open the camera while it is running with dots..and allow the PCB to run in open air...problem disappears after 20 minutes....I think its really temperature issue... I have fixed a heatsink with the main processor...please see the attached image. Will update the results after 1-2 days testing on site.
  12. Hii...thanks for reply. Well there is no dust in night time at that area...camera installed indoors. The dots are fixed and not behaving like floating dust particles. No problem in day times. Problem starts when camera goes into night mode....condition gets worse slowly and reaches at peek after 1-2 hours of night mode operation. If we turn off the camera for 10 minutes and turn it back on then dots disappear for an hour...
  13. Thank you so much for detailed reply. *Yes my housing is air tight..cannot use ventilated housing due to very dusty area. *Right a fan will not make sens in a closed housing. *I have purchased Heatsink for the main processor cooling i will apply it and let the forum know the result. *I am using external 12VDC supply. Well sir my camera is using 36LED for night illumination and they also got hot during night time...so will an IR array will help in my case if we use them instead of 36LED IR PCB ? I think I arrays are cooler than cluster of LEDs.
  14. Tibbu

    About White LED cameras

    Please replay if anyone has any idea
  15. Hi all, Just got a very-very high sensitivity AHD 1.3MP cctv board. It produces nice colored video even with 2 watt white LED in a 200 square feet room. I am willing to replace the IR LED board whit the 2watt LED for colorful night mode operation. Problem is that LDR senses the white light when it gets on and the on/off cycle goes into infinite loop. IR led works fine because LDR comes with IR filter glass. I dont want to place the LDR outside the room to avoid this problem. Please share if there is any way to turn on the white LED without going into infinite loop. thank you
  16. Hello, Well i too faced similar issue...only some camera recirding missing, and when i tried to play them DVR freezes. In all my cases HDD was the reason of the problem...may be due to bad sectors. Try performing a full format of the HDD by connecting it to a PC....if no success try another HDD.
  17. Hi, I have given the analogue output(RC) of a DVR to a LED TV. But there is lots of interference appearing on TV. I have used good quality shielded cable and its length is just 50 meters. No AC220 volt line visible nearby the cable(maybe they are under the wall) So my question is can i use simple CCTV CAT5/6 balun to te remove noise or a standard ground loop isolator is needed(which is costly) Thank you
  18. @ Horizon, TomCCTV & The Toss sorry for delayed reply. Well TV has only two pin plug for 220VAC connection. Nothing is connected with the TV other than DVR. I will take a picture of display and post it tomorrow. Thank for replies.
  19. Thank you so much for reply. I will try re-routing the cable from other wall. If failed will use ground loop isolator.
  20. Hi, I have TVT 2316ME 110722004 dvr Firmware version - 3.1.83.P But suddenly it stopped booting fully. It is showing Only H.264 splash screen. I have removed the HDD and replaced the power supply but still no solution. I tried reinstalling the firmware using a formatted usb drive but no luck. Please let me know if there is any solution. Thank you
  21. Tibbu

    TVT TD2316ME problem

    Hi, Thanks for reply. But i dont have any document/help from manufacturer mentioning rescue from LAN port. Googled too but no luck
  22. hi all, I am trying to run a DVR live over internet using dlink DWR-113 router with 3g dongle plugged in. I am able to connect to the inter on the PC. Dyndns account IP is updating successful on each modem reboot. But dyndns url not working at all. There is no DMZ option in modem so i have tried setting virtual server. But it is not working Please suggest me a solution. Thank you
  23. Hi all, Well can we put our own logo/brand name image on a unbranded DVR's splash screen? Some of the installers are doing this. But i dont know how? Please let me know if there is any option available. Thank you
  24. Hi thanks for reply. Supplier is telling to buy in bulk(5000 units) for providing my own logo. Any other option? Thank you