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  1. TechnicalTony

    HD on NVR4116H always full

    As Tom Said it's normal for the HDD to show full, the recorder only deletes what it needs to write the next set of files. Also the auto delete old files doesn't actually do what it says if you disable that option you'll still have access to the old recordings. I can't actually see a reason here to want it to show as 0 space, it's a security device, it's designed to store as much info as possible for as long as possible.
  2. TechnicalTony

    h.264 network dvr question

    This sounds like an LX series DVR. If replacing the HDD is not helping then it's actually more likely to be the PSU. I've seen these DVR's before and essentially the PSU is giving out enough for the board but not for the Drive. Swap the PSU for a 12v 4a supply and it'll most likely work fine. Ref the password the default password is nothing at all(NULL/No entry), it can be changed via the recorders account menu under Main Menu -> Advanced -> Account -> Modify PW leave the old password box blank and just change it to something you prefer. Thats actually highly recommended, I been seeing alot of people's DVR's being mucked about with if left on default log in details lately.
  3. TechnicalTony

    PORT FORWARDING problem with new Router

    Yes mate I am, although if I'm honest I'm getting itchy feet. I'm considering trying to find a way to grow my experience a bit in the industry. While I don;t have the funds for going into business for myself I'm considering trying to sign up with an installer in the area. If nothing else the money will be better
  4. We do a couple of units that do that, albeit as a plug and play option. Handy for that purpose, especially in locked down networks
  5. TechnicalTony

    Interference issues

    I'm not so sure CS8488. Looks like ghosting which would imply the cables aren't terminating at 75 ohms. However there's a bar on the left hand side of the image. Could be the PSU, but I'd be expecting more of a ground loop then. It's a boxed PSU with a regulated output so maybe a mains line ripple effect. Have you tried using the cameras with an unregulated PSU (Like a laptop style brick supply)? Have you tried a Camera directly into the recorder on a short lead? if you reboot the DVR does the interference come back immediately or does it become worse over time? Also the unit's in a rack, if you take it out the rack do you still have the issue?
  6. We do these http://adata.co.uk/accessories/transmission/wireless/tt-208-a Kilometre range, 5ghz wireless IP tranciever, 300mb bandwidth between units
  7. TechnicalTony

    PORT FORWARDING problem with new Router

    DHCP isn;t always effective unfortunately. Usually I'll use a PC thats on the network with internet access and open the command prompt (CMD into the start menu) type ipconfig This will give a list of network info of the PC Take a note of the IP range (The first three sets of digits in the address ie: 192.168.1.x Also note the gateway address. Next choose a unique last number eg: Ping that address using the command prompt ping If you get a response from that number choose another, if you don't it's free, set the recorder to that address and make sure the gateway matches the gateway address of the PC Obviously it can be a bit more complex than that with a larger network, but generally it's a sound method that removes the chance for the router to muck it up.
  8. If that happends it's called altzimers Clear your brain and let Google take over Provided it works. This is my brain without google!
  9. TechnicalTony

    NVR Dahua and Dlink camera

    There is an ONVIF option on the Dhaua NVR's. The issue is more that theres various different versions of ONVIF itself (More info on ONVIF here: http://www.onvif.org/Home.aspx - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ONVIF) Dahua supports/uses Onvif 2.2/2.4 profile S (dependent on firmware/board) If the Camera doesn;t support this version it'll be a no go I'm afraid.
  10. Hi Jonathan Dahua NVR's POE ports won;t really work in this fashion. The Units POE port acts as a DHCP server, but it also locates and binds the mac address to the port on the NVR itself meaning it will only see one camera per port Essentially what will happen is one of two things: It will either only spot the first camera to be added on the port, the others may be seeable but cannot be added or it will spot all 3 cameras and display them in the same channel like a sequence, constantly flicking between them. So far the only way round this we've found is to bring the separate poe port back on the main network and add them in using the remote device menu. Kind of a classic case of the unit trying to be helpful but doing the opposite I'm afraid.
  11. TechnicalTony

    Security Cameras in the house problem

    In all honesty mate I'd just use the outside cameras and grab yourself a can of spidex. Spiders smell through their feet so if you spidex the external cams you won't get webs. Nobody thinks they're getting they're privacy invaded and everyones happy. If you want to use internal cams kjeep em pointed at internal doorways only and use covert ones (Smoke alarm housed cameras for example) Although I do have to make a statement that it's a bit creepy so I see the boyfriends point
  12. TechnicalTony

    How does P2P DVR work

    The DVR's connected to your nbetwork and send information to a third party server (In our case we use the Amazon cloud to parse it through to the nearest server to your location) You then connect via the app or cloud website and register the device to an account you create. It's doubtful anyone else would be viewing your feeds as the process is effectively automated. Provided you created a secure password you'd be fine. Changing the server location isn't normally possible. Although if you were going to that extreme it would be better just to network it and port forward it as per a standard installation instead. You're kind of making yourself unnecessary work otherwise which defeats the object of p2p
  13. are you perchance using gmail as the email provider for the snapshots? If so then you will need to enable support for less secure apps on your gmail account before anything will be sent https://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps
  14. TechnicalTony

    Help me for Dahua DVR

    Your best bet in this case would be dahua themselves. http://www.dahuasecurity.com Be really REALLY careful if you're updating firmware, the wrong firmware will kill the unit dead. I would consider it a last resort. Also I would bear in mind that a firmware update is highly unlikely to solve a display issue, it's more likely that either the monitor is out of the DVR's resolution range or theres a faulty display port or lead
  15. TechnicalTony

    I need do a factory reset or password recover

    It looks fairly similar doesn't it, thats what I thought, it even uses a similar motherboard naming format