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  1. I am looking for a controller like the Dahua PFM820 UTC (Up The Coax) to be used with Samsung-Hanwha Techwin HCD-6070R analog HD camera. The controller should let me adjust the OSD camera settings remotely, not in the camera location but by the DVR location. I tried the Dahua with no success. Anybody have any experience that may help me? Thank you in advance!
  2. Check ktncusa.com I have a very good experience with miniature cameras; they work fantastic!
  3. Hi alpine0000, thanks a lot for your comprehensive reply!. I will follow your suggestions and post my findings.
  4. Hello, I have Toshiba IK-16A, IK-80A and Everfocus EDN 3240 network cameras, all installed in a facility and need software to record, view locally and remotely. Some advise on this? Just a basic but reliable solution to run in a Windows 7 Home Premium PC. Thanks in advance!