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  1. I'm trying to get evidence from a break in last night to police and have, of course, just discovered that geoviosion uses a proprietary CODEC to create their avi's (thanks a lot). I'm trying to install the codec on my windows 7 PC (and my windows XP laptop) and when I try to run GeoCodeReg.exe that I downloaded or that was on the CD, it just doesn't run. I double click, and nothing happens. I right click and select Open, and nothing happens. Can someone PLEASE tell me how I can get to these files so I can get them to detectives ASAP?? Also, while I'm at it, is there some way to make geovision use a STANDARD codec?!?!?! It seems completely asinine to use a proprietary codec on the one system that you need to play on your PC, the police PC, a court PC etc. Thanks for any input. Mick