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  1. Do you sell the DH-DVR1604HE-T-4H or know where to buy one or what they are called in the usa?
  2. Thanks. I did play with BLC (Back Light Compensation). I do not remember if I adjusted the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR). What Panasonic WDR camera do you recomend? Something like a Panasonic WVCP504?
  3. Everfocus EPARA264-16X4/2T: Digimerge DH250 Series DigitaL Watch Dog VMAXD1 I want (480fps @D1), Raid or mirroring, 3G Smartphone, HDMI output, 10/100/1000Mb Ethernet, 16 CH. What do does every one think of these DVR's? Which would you pick and why? Does any one have any other sugestions? I am in the USA.
  4. I am using a Vitek VTC-C770WS Pixim Seawolf Powered WDR Color CCD Camera w/700TVL - Short Body (2.40"L) 12/24V, OSD with a Fujinon - YV10x5B-SA2L Varifocal 5 to 50mm f/1.3 DC powered auto iris system Lens. I am having trouble with the back lighting if that’s the correct term. I have a doorway as seen in the picture. The camera is about 15 feet away. In the late morning to about 5:00 pm the face cannot be made out. After 5:00PM it just perfect. Is there anything I can do with the camera setting or do I need to relocate the camera? Am I using the best camera for my situation? I am trying to get the best head shot of each person walking in the front door. Morning Shots After 5:00PM Shots