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  1. Well obviously your two streams are going to be different, your recording is at H264 1080P is going to look a lot different than you VGA Mjpeg stream.
  2. Sure, if you like black and white rolling images
  3. vin2install

    Can't get uniform focus across the picture

    You got the wrong lens for a sensor of that size. Try getting a better lens to match the size of the sensor.
  4. Some IP cameras have a composite video out, if yours doesnt than use a laptop or use your smartphone
  5. vin2install

    IP cams via smart TV

    It can stream from the Geovision IP cameras directly but not from the NVR itself
  6. Does it do that without the Veracity EoC?
  7. vin2install

    IP cams via smart TV

    I thought it was available already, but i guess not yet. Sony has a 200.00 google media player available but i think that is kind of pricey. I had mine Sony integrated google tv for almost 2 years now. You can find the logitech revue for pretty cheap under 100.00. It does support the android marketplace to download apps but the selection is still limited at the moment.
  8. vin2install

    IP cams via smart TV

    Vizio has a device called a CoStar for $99.00. I have an integrated google sony TV that i use to stream live using my ip cameras using an app called Tiny Cam Monitor. There are many other Google TVs out there too
  9. vin2install

    Ports behaving oddly, as well as Netviewer

    Try using a different port.
  10. vin2install

    grainy interference only at night

    That looks normal to me considering the amount of light you have. If you dont want to add lighting go with an IR camera. Because the camera you have is using a combination of DSS, DNR and higher gain to achieve that.
  11. Dial up still exists? If you can get 3g/4g service than it is possible with that modem
  12. vin2install

    couple of questions

    Most cameras are are worthless in the dark.
  13. If you still cant find it in the DHCP tables, you can limit the range to five devices and do trial and error from there for example -
  14. vin2install

    Digiop Server

    Are you able to ping it and bring it up on the web page? Or is it just not connecting to your server?
  15. vin2install

    FS: two Dedicated Micros DM DS2AC DX16C-320Gb DVR

    Can it do iphone and android? Aren't most of the standalones doing all that now
  16. Maybe it doesnt support any other browsers but Internet explorer
  17. It also depends if you are doing live viewing or not. Live viewing consumes a lot of CPU power. You can do recording of 64 x 5MP cameras on a high end CPU, but once you throw in live viewing it will not even come close to that.
  18. When the cameras were dropping off are you still able to access the web page of the cameras and ping them?
  19. vin2install

    Reset to Factory Default Admin Password

    Use the password of "12888" and go to utilities to do a system recovery and after that the password should be back to a default of "123456"
  20. vin2install

    Experience with Rainbow CCTV cameras.

    The Pixims are really good in WDR enviroments. I actually like them better than double scan ccds for that purpose. Especially the newer Pixim Seawolfs because the first generation Pixims were terrible in low light.
  21. vin2install

    Exposure problems

    Try focusing it at night
  22. IP Cameras usually use more bandwidth because of the higher resolution.
  23. vin2install

    CCTV Design (Analog and IP) :-)

    Go IP and have each floor have its own PoE switch for the cameras. NVR Should be able to handle those many cameras. Storage options depending on your preference you can do internal raid or do NAS recording
  24. Or maybe it is soooo good that it is showing flaws in your cameras.