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    Hello from central Florida

    Welcome to the forum
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    Feedback from Installers Please!

    We do not sell direct to dealers and end users as that is not a good business model for manufacturers
  3. vin2install

    Feedback from Installers Please!

    It's not our job to market or know the product for you. If I had a client that asked for my assistance I'd gladly provide it, but at the end of the day it's not my job to sell for you. We still have to market our products even though we are a manufacturer. Some sales will go from distro pushing your products but a lot of sales will also come from dealers coming in to distros and requesting a certain product. If they request your product than distros will have to think about carrying more of your products. Whats also important is we provide and consult on marketing materials and tactics for dealers and distros. We try to sell our products all the time to dealers. Once they are interested than we send them to their local distro for our products
  4. vin2install

    Feedback from Installers Please!

    Very true we have won over many Distributors because we are able to support their customers so they don't have to do it. And they can spend time distributing instead. Support is extremely important, without it they might as well buy from overseas.
  5. vin2install

    Feedback from Installers Please!

    Who offers a three year warranty? We offer a two year warranty and in today's day and age that's plenty. I can't think of any electronics off the top of my head that comes with a 3 year warranty. A lot of companies offer 3 year warranty. We offer 3 year warranty and i have seen many other companies offer 5 year warranty. If you stand by your product a 3 year warranty is nothing.
  6. vin2install

    rainbow band across bottom of screen

    Use a test monitor at the DVR. IF it shows up on the test monitor than its your cameras, wire or connections. If it doesnt show up then its your DVR
  7. vin2install

    Feedback from Installers Please!

    One word of advice. "You have to know your own product!!!", not necessarily inside and out but all features and how it compares to others.
  8. They go for less than a dollar on ebay. Search for "BNC compression RG59"
  9. You can actually find those anywhere. The picture on the left is RG59 BNC compression fittings and the right is a RG6 BNC compression. Most electronic stores or even Ebay has them.
  10. Welcome to the forum
  11. Nice job on the site by the way. Looks more modern now.
  12. Hi Larry, Please place me under the "Manufacturers" Group Thanks Vincent
  13. What happened to the private forums?
  14. vin2install

    Differences of Sony & Sharp Chipset

    Sharp has lower Image quality. Minimum lux level is pretty bad. Colors aren't reproduced accurately. Pros: Price is way lower
  15. vin2install

    info needed

    What compression? What resolution? How many FPS?
  16. vin2install

    3dvr in 1 internet connection

    Yes you can. If you are using a router then make sure the ports on the 3 dvr's are all different.
  17. vin2install

    dvr auto reboot

    Try to restore factory default settings. After that then manually set your settings again. This should solve your problem.
  18. vin2install

    recommend video splitter

    It uses 12VDC and draws about 100mA of power.
  19. vin2install

    recommend video splitter

    You need an active video splitter/distributor
  20. vin2install

    Help Please

    If it has snow then there is not enough light. Or the IR LED's are not strong enough. Seeing the blacks as green is because your camera is not a true Day/Night. So it doesnt have ICR to give correct colors while being IR sensitive.
  21. vin2install


    Try using a plug in power supply to see if that fixes it. If it does than its ur power supply, even if you change your channels on the power supply then it could still be it.
  22. vin2install

    Help with "video loss" problem

    Change your power supply.
  23. Try using an ATI card. Those usually work better for computer based DVR systems
  24. vin2install

    Board lens removable IR-Cut

    Don't forget the chip and a CDS sensor too.
  25. vin2install

    Board lens removable IR-Cut

    So basically you need the Small Varifocal lens on the picture up front and that chip in the picture along with a CDS sensor to make this work. I have not seen a ICR built into a fixed lens, only varifocal ones. The varifocal one above will fit into most cameras.