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  1. Hey guys I rather hastily installed a CCTV system a few months ago before I had my first little one, the reason for this was because I was doing some decorating / d.I.y in the house and wanted to sink any wires. Anyway I have nearly come to the end of the decorating and install of my cameras and I wanted to know if I hide the DVR How would I operate it? Thanks
  2. It certainly takes some getting used to and the manual leaves ALOT to be desired, not to mention the remote control is woeful But it isnt too bad now I have got used to it, although I wish I bought the 8 channel version now. In any case Im stuck with it for now so any help is appreciated Thanks
  3. I think it could be the port forwarding that I have missed, does Eagle Eyes require port forwarding the instructions I have been folowing don't say....
  4. hi. you need to use your external ip. you will see it if you click here http://www.whatismyip.com/ most of the time you cant use your external while you are on that network ... only away from home Ok I tried that and it is still saying I.P address not accessible could there be anything else I am doing that would be incorrect? I am using Port 80, I have tried changing to 88 or something like that no luck.... I am also using the user name and password as admin? Anything I am missing.....?
  5. Thanks very much I will try that.....
  6. hello..... I have managed to view my cameras over the internet using my PC - Hurray!!! However I have Iphone, Ipad and Blackberry so I would like to set it up for this. I have a question is the i.p address I used for the remote viewing over the internet (which was the one in Settings - > Network of my DVR) the same as I would use in Eagle Eyes app? I don't think it is, I would really appreciate ANY help. I have emailed Avtech - but no response and therefore I am stuck Everytime I try to connect to the cameras via my Iphone it says the I.P Address is not accessible
  7. I have the same issue as you, I have emailed Avtech for some advice hopefully they respond by tomorrow if they do I will help you....
  8. miyagi

    Avtech 674

    Thank you very much Leo. I have the Sky Sagemcom F@ST2304 router. Yes I only have this DVR Also I do not have a static ip....I did sign up for ddsn but I have no idea what that does either..... Thanks
  9. miyagi

    Avtech 674

    Hi Leohuangdi Do you have any step by step instructions please? Or know where I can find some? I have absolutely NO idea how to even approach doing this! To be honest I dont understand it clearly enough. Thanks very much.
  10. miyagi

    Avtech 674

    Can I resurrect this thread..... I have followed these instructions: https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B_Tf3Yb1yhhRODg3MmJiYmYtZDgxZi00YTMwLTlmMzgtNzBiNmI1MjVkM2Jh&hl=en&authkey=CIfg0c8K But I'm unsure how to do the "port forwarding" Can anyone help me ?
  11. Hi Guys I recently bought an Avtech KPD674 DVR. I seem to have got the hang of it, although about 4 weeks ago it kept powering down and reseting about once every 2.5 mins. I took it back to where I bought it from and they apparently sent it back to the manufacturer who tested it for over a week and found no problems? I got it back just over a week ago and it started doing the same thing....does anyone know what the problem might be please?
  12. Yea I guess....I'm pretty sure it is my neighbour who did it anyway... Thanks for the advice.
  13. Well, what I actually mean is I should be able to see the outline of my car and more importantly see if someone is vandalising it..... I see what you mean, I dont think it will be possible (to get it perfect) as the roofline from the garage potrudes out, so some of my car is always going to be obscured by it, if I choose to have the camera so high. I could put the camera on the soffit of the garage but it would only be about 7 foot high there and with the IR LED's it would be clearly visible for the nasty person who decided to scratch my car, what do you think? All abit difficult without seeing a picture of my house I know......tomorrow I will definately upload some pics. Yea they sold me a pretty sh1tty HDD recorder too imo (the remote control is absolutely useless) but I guess I had to start somewhere.....
  14. Thanks for the responses guys. I think you could be correct that the roof is causing the IR to be reflected (thats what I had thought to be honest) I just don't know where else I can put the camera that is convenient, ideally I'd like to put it on the other side of the house, but running the wire into my house is the issue then. Anyway I didnt get out of work early enough today, so tomorrow I will take pics and post them. But you don't think it should be a problem to see a black car in the night? the company I bought the cameras from didnt really seem to know much to be honest?